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A Day on the PS2

Posted by Fanboys Anonymous Tuesday, March 17, 2015
With sale figures recently showing that the PS4 is selling faster than the PS2, the best-selling console of all time, we decided to dust off the old PlayStation and once again stick a lead into the back of the television.

The PS2 kept us entertained for hours. Never before, and perhaps never again, will we see a console of this magnitude. It changed everything. It created gamers and it created life-long memories.

We fished out some old games to let rip on. And, believe it or not, they still satisfy.

Star Wars: Battlefront II - 2005

by The Official Star Wars
It is only fitting to replay Star Wars: Battlefront II right now. This year sees the new Star Wars movie arrive at cinemas and a third installment of Battlefront will be available for our next generation consoles.

For those unfamiliar with Battlefront, the main goal of most of the missions is to destroy the enemy faction in both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil Ears. You can fight as a Wookie or Bothan Spy for the Rebellion, The Officer and The Dark Trooper for the Empire, the Commander and Jet Trooper for the Republic, or the Magnaguard and the Droideka of the CIS. You can also unlock iconic characters, such as Yoda, throughout the game.

The campaign mode, Rise of the Empire, sees you play a veteran of the 501st Legion, colloquially known as Vader’s First. With 18 missions spread out from the Clone Wars to the destruction of Hoth, it is a pleasantly extensive campaign mode.

This is very much a game with something to offer. The enjoyment of playing the game certainly counter balances the outdated graphics.

Frankie Dettori Racing - 2006

by Will Palmer
Racing games seemed to enjoy a far larger market share back on the PlayStation 2. Gran Turismo 3 was the racing games of all racing games. However, we are not going to talk about it as it is an accepted classic and the franchise lives on today.

Instead, we have gone to the world of horse racing, where we play Frankie Dettori Racing.

Right off the bat we have a critique, albeit an unfair critique as there is nothing the game can do about it. Dettori is a jockey who races on the flat and therefore does not partake in jump racing, which you can’t help but feel would be a more entertaining game. Imagine the thrill of racing in the Grand National. Millions of people bet on the Grand National in the UK, for example, each year and so there would be a target market. But despite that slight fall-back Frankie Dettori Racing still suffices.

The movement of the horses may seem a little robotic but there is a certain sense of excitement that is devoid in racing games. You have to manage this horse all the way round. You need use a strategy to ensure that you do not burn your horse out, lose too much ground or miss out on drafting opportunities. Playing a racing game like this does require a different skill set to the racing norms.

The Getaway - 2002

by Brett Jordan
At one time, Grand Theft Auto had a gritty London rival. When The Getaway burst onto the scene back in 2002 we were all extremely impressed by the storyline and the graphics.

Going back on it after playing GTA V is certainly a weird experience, but you still have a certain appreciation for the licensed cars and the recognisable London backdrop.

The driving is extremely erratic, far worse than that of any of the early Grand Theft Auto games, but the story mode is awesome. The storyline can hold its own against that of many games today. The Getaway’s cut scenes did more for the video game world than those in GTA III.

However, it is not all peaches for the game. The gameplay can be a little shallow at times while the overall length of the game is criminally short.

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