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Review: Marvel's Cyclops #10 by Layman, Garron, and Sotomayer

Posted by Sean Hamilton Sunday, February 15, 2015
Cyclops and Cosair face the space cats
Cyclops #10 cover
by Alexander Lozano
When the going gets tough, the tough get sneaky…

There are twists and turns in this month's issue of Cyclops that lift the quality of the story to a more buccaneering level. It is great to see writer John Layman ramp up the action and set a course for collision as the characters fire broadsides at one another.

We are deep into this arc, so much so that there is only one more issue before the series intertwines into The Black Vortex event currently rampaging across the Marvel Universe space. Given the little time left until the remaining original X-Man from the past is joined with the rest of the other time-displaced members, will we see Cyclops emerge on the other side of the event? Only time (and some solicitations from Marvel) will tell.

Layman appears to be wrapping up the story in issue #10 only to blindside readers with a surprise twist at the end. The action is paced well, with some interspersed father-son bonding moments. By the time the issue concludes, you come out feeling hooked for the next issue. The good thing is that it is a fun ride to the end.

Much of this is to do with the pacing set out by Javier Garron's art. While I am still not the biggest fan of the art depiction, overcoming this is not difficult, as you let yourself be carried along in the story. I do like the action angles and shots that Garron selects to tell the story. There is a dynamism here that lends itself to the story.

Run, run, run as fats as you can Cyclops and Corsair
Cyclops and Corsair run for the lives

As always Chris Sotomayor's colors are on point. They enhance the artwork to deliver feelings of space battle and pirate shenanigans that are dazzling and bright. Without Sotomayor, this book would not have held on for as long as it has. Couple this with the absolutely stunning cover art by Alexander Lozano, and it keeps me coming back to a book the hasn't lived up to expectations generally. I am slightly tempted to just take all the covers and start some sort of epic giant wall collage.

Cyclops and Corsair are going to be ambushed
We are not alone here
As we move ever closer to The Black Vortex and Secret Wars I am intrigued to see what happens with this series. I like it, don't get me wrong; this issue is a stronger one than some of the other more recent issues, but ultimately I wouldn't miss it if it were to end. Like the Nighcrawler series, which is about to close, it has delivered on its mission statement. Without some more invigoration, it may be consigned to the soon-to-end Marvel Universe as an unmemorable space pirate jaunt.

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