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Mobile Game Review: Battle Camp

Posted by Kym Pressley Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Battle Camp Mobile Game Logo by PennyPopI'm not much for getting hooked on mobile games. I usually play them to get a solid grasp on their inner workings and what makes them so popular. But I recently came across a game that I find myself playing whenever I'm on the train or waiting in line: Battle Camp. The core of the game is an interesting mashup that I wasn't sure would work but does, and well.

On one hand, the game takes a popular concept seen in games like Candy Crush where you line up brightly colored shapes to get points. However, in Battle Camp, the shapes you link together determine your attack and the number linked defines the magnitude.

On the other hand you have a concept similar to the Pokémon franchise. Battle Camp is filled with little monsters that you can acquire, train, and even evolve. They each have their own stats, which are based on level and rarity. To add some complexity, the game does also offer a number of passive and active auto-cast skills that are triggered by circumstance and can alter the course of battle.

Battle Camp Candy Crush Fights Using Monsters

There are also some social aspects seen in many other mobile games, such as objectives that you participate in alone but your progress is added to your guild for a team effort. These offer a series of prizes are that are nearly impossible to get otherwise.

On the negative side, Battle Camp suffers from a similar motif that many other free games have, "Free to Play; Pay to Win." Though not to be taken literally, games like these take hours upon hours to get strong enough to complete some challenges or you could pay for in-game currency to get rarer and stronger monsters. It is supposedly possible to get these monsters without paying, but it would likely take vasts amount of luck and time. There are also the restrictions on how many actions you can perform in a given time. This can seriously limit how much you can do in a single session of play. When you run out of moves, you can wait until your energy is restored or you could buy the energy you need.

characters from Battle Camp mobile game

Overall, Battle Camp is with worth trying. The art style, music, and game play work well together and make for a great way to pass time. If you're patient, you could accomplish a lot in the earlier stages and enjoy it at your leisure. But if you're the quick-moving competitive type, you may find yourself chipping away at your paycheck to get and evolve the ultimate monster.

What kind of gamer are you when it comes to Free To Play games? Do you make micro transactions or do you keep it a free game?

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