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Review of IMAGE ODY-C #2 by Fraction and Ward

Posted by Sean Hamilton Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Odyssia and the Lotus Eaters
ODY-C #2 cover by Christian Ward
Matt Faction's prose, (and let's call it what it is) is fantastic. The only way it could be topped is by the art Christian Ward provides; and it is visually ravaging. ODY-C #2 was such an overwhelming reading experience that I had to literally pause for a moment after I finished reading the issue, to sit back and take it all in.

The density of the story and art is staggering.

Fraction's plot is straightforward yet full of complexity. It is not only entertaining for the longtime and die-hard comic audience who wants to pick up a different sort of book, but for anyone new to the comic experience. While ODY-C may seem at first glance, to be a bit much, the story is so immersive that to miss out on it would be a disservice as a reader. As we have moved past the first issue, returning to this series seemed easier the second time around, as familiarizing yourself with the ideas makes the reading deeper and more enjoyable as a result.

Now that we are past the initial origin setup, the story flows naturally here. The continued context provided by the likes of Zeus in issue two grounds the story further. This 'playing out' of the visual and narrative story elements is crucial to the series and leads the reader along a poetic path that both challenges what we take for granted about the genre and enhances it with a new dimension, all at the same time.

Gods and Titans amidts the cosmic struggle
Zeus rips her father apart to gain ultimate power
Christian Ward's art continues to feel like a cool trip. It induces a sense of cosmic symphony with style and flair as shown here. This is brought about by not only by the fluid lines, but the flamboyant colors as well. Ward's work in his issue matches the cosmic brilliance the story calls for. As a space odyssey, ODY-C needs to look and feel submerged in a finer layer of details to pull of the grandiose adventure it is, and this is overwhelmingly achieved.

The mad demi-god suffers
Promethene suffers Zeus's wrath

The panel and page layout that Ward has used compliments Fraction's approach to the story. For instance, as Fraction guides the ODY-C and her crew to the Phage-World, Ward immediately strikes a different tone from the preceding pages. This seems to match the change in narrative as Fraction begins to employ the dactylic hexameter. By following the spiraled journey of Odyssia and her sebex, Ero, down the labyrinth of the Lotus-fueled pleasure palaces, Ward displays such wanton exuberance for artistic talent it practically oozes from the page.

The gods weeps over the loss of all men
Zeus destroys all men in the universe
The Lotus World holds many delights
Odyssia and Ero descend the Phage-World
The pinnacle of the art in ODY-C are the colors. They explode from the pages. The water wash style color palette used is beautiful. Every comic book needs a hook. When a new reader goes into a shop and picks up a random comic from the stand, it needs to hit them instantly, so that they will be more inclined to buy it. With this series, the art speaks for itself, but the colors really grab you. Their vivid use and arrangement has a pull that is enticing.

This series makes an outstanding contribution to the comic book field. It is experimental, in your face, pure flair. The creators involved are showing why such an endeavor needs to be done; to challenge an industry that thrives on creative new approaches. While I admit, ODY-C is a heavy read, it is intended to be so. There is so much more that is gained as a reading experience because of this fact.

While this book continues to impress me, what do you think of it? Do you like the writing and narrative style used? What do you think of the art?

Let us know by leaving a comment below or on the Fanboys Anonymous Facebook or Twitter, and come back next time for issue 3 of ODY-C

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