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Review: Marvel Amazing X-Men #16 by Yost, Fornes, and Rosenberg

Posted by Sean Hamilton Saturday, January 31, 2015
The Juggernaut cometh this way!
Amazing X-Men #16 cover by Kris Anka
"The Once and Future Juggernaut" (Part 2 of 4)

Cyttorak is calling for a new avatar, and for some the lure is too strong to resist.

Amazing X-Men #16 jumps straight back into the action from the previous issue and tantalizes with some great twists and excellent art.

Christopher Yost continues to write a story that has intrigue, action, and humor. We are left waiting to see who will be picked as the the new Juggernaut, but the call from Cyttorak, which is answered by a variety of men and women from around the globe, provides for some nice set piece action. Each varied contender for Cytorrak's favor has a unique set of skills that sees the X-Men pushed to their limits as they split up to stop anyone trying to get the ruby.

Yost plays up the well-established character tropes for the X-Men. We get to see some of the usual humor from Rockslide and Iceman but also the determined will of Storm and the emotional instability of Colossus. The scene with Pixie at the Jean Grey School was a great piece art and story that provided context for the characters and an emotional attachment to the motivation for Colossus' part in this story. Yost is using the characters in appropriate ways to really drive his story, and given that he has the use of so many, there is a fine balance in this issue.
The call reaches far and wide for a new Juggernaut
Many are called, but only one is chosen to serve
The artistic style that Jorge Fornes set up in the previous issue has matured beautifully in issue #16. Fornes's sense of storytelling is complementary for Yost's use of characters yet adds further elements also. There is variation in angles, panel arrangements, and choices of shots to execute the art, which ultimately makes for a keener experience for the reader. Jorge's inking in this issue was very tight, driving some fine art to a next level; the Utah scene and the return of Cain Marko in particular illustrate this.

Rachelle Rosenberg's colors pop
Artistic collaboration stands out in Amazing X-Men #16
Rachelle Rosenberg's colors bring a great dimension to Amazing X-Men #16. The profusion of color is as varied as the settings depicted in the story and justifiably this brings an element to the book that would be sorely missed otherwise. It is great to reread the issue to get a sense of the subtlety of Rosenberg's work. For example, the color hues that surround different characters or scenes to convey a different emotional response from the reader, or the contrast of the X-Men's powers, which stand out on the page due to the color work compared to the background they are set in. Without Rosenberg Amazing X-Men certainly would not be the fun book it is.

The call of Cyttorak is hard to deny
Cain Marko hears the call from Cyttorak
As the second part of this arc, Amazing X-Men #16 is keeping up a great comic experience. It fell right in place after the previous issue and keeps me looking forward to the next. As we get ready to cross the middle of the "Once and Future Juggernaut" story and with the pending Secret Wars event on the horizon, I wonder—will we see the continuation of this series? Best to get on now and join the ride regardless, as this is a great story.

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