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Earlier in the week, Latino Review broke a scoop they'd apparently been working on cracking for a while. It's another addition to the Suicide Squad cast, one that should have implications for further DCU films. It's reported that Viola Davis has been cast as Amanda Waller in David Ayer's "Dirty Dozen with superheroes" flick.

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As we ourselves reported not long ago, there were a number of actresses considered for the part, among them Octavia Spencer, Kerry Washington, and even Oprah Winfrey. Viola Davis won out in the end, and now the studio is trying to figure out how to work around her TV schedule, as Davis headlines the ABC show How To Get Away With Murder.

In DC continuity, Amanda Waller starts her career as a congressional aide, a political operator who rises to the highest levels of covert government operations and eventually takes charge of Task Force X, the Suicide Squad. Because of the number of villains cycling through the Squad, Waller often crosses over into many heroes' stories, coming into consistent conflict with Batman, among others. For a long time, she worked closely with Lex Luthor under interesting circumstances (Luthor was elected President of the United States, but that's another story).

It's said that Jesse Eisenberg will play a part in Suicide Squad as well, reprising his Batman v Superman role as Lex Luthor, so this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as they say. Waller tends to be near whenever anything shadowy happens in the DCU, so look for her not just in this film but in others to come—though I should say that there are no details for how many films Davis is contracted for.

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Speaking of Batman v Superman, there have been a few more rumors given new life by information supposedly gleaned from a Chris Terrio draft of the script dated a month before production began. While that isn't the final shooting script, and the script could even change over the course of postproduction (gotta love modern Hollywood), it's likely reliable info, at least for the general direction of the film if not the absolute specifics.

Addressing fan concerns over Superman's wantonly destructive actions, the Man of Steel in this film is apparently not at all happy about having to kill Zod in his first film. He even goes on to tell another villain, later in the film, that he'll take him to jail rather than "snap his neck." And for the more spoiler-minded, during a major fight in Batman v Superman, General Swanwick tells his men that Superman will shift the fight away from populated areas, another response to the major damage done to both Smallville and Metropolis in Man of Steel.

Whom is he fighting? That's a BIG spoiler. I'll post a picture at the very end for the more curious. Otherwise, how do you think the DC Cinematic Universe (the DCCU?) is shaping up? Discuss below, and be merry about it!


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