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Suicide Squad Cast Confirmed: Jared Leto is the DCU Joker

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Literally days ago I posted an admittedly late-to-the-party article detailing some strong rumors about the cast for Suicide Squad, and what the movie could do for the DCU. Lo and behold, Variety has just confirmed and released the cast list for the David Ayer film!
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Had to start with this one.
Here's the breakdown: Will Smith is Deadshot, Jared Leto is the Joker, Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn, Tom Hardy is Rick Flagg, Jai Courtney is Boomerang, and Cara Delevigne is Enchantress. 

If at any point during that, you said, "Who?" then by all means, read on.

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Will Smith—Deadshot, a.k.a Floyd Lawton. In the comics, he's a marksman who claims he never misses and often plays the role of assassin. His trademark is a pair of wrist-mounted guns; we'll see if Ayer keeps them. We'll also see, going forward, if he'll come toe-to-toe with Ben Affleck's Batman as in the comics, or if this Deadshot had no connection to Gotham. 

Jared Leto—The Joker, who presumably needs no introduction, and who presumably will show up fighting Batfleck at some point. For the shared cinematic universe Warner Bros and DC Comics are building, Jared Leto is the infamous Clown Prince of Crime, and his inclusion is a curiosity, despite Harley Quinn's involvement. As I said in the prior article, Joker's not exactly a team player. Ah, but what if he were a target? Part of the mission? We'll have to see how his involvement plays out.

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Margot Robbie—Harley Quinn. Harley, unlike everyone else on this list, doesn't originate from the comics. She was a creation of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for the 1992–1995 Batman: The Animated Series, becoming so popular that she was brought into the mainstream DC Comics universe. Harley begins life as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who treats the Joker, eventually falling for him in a kind of Stockholm Syndrome way. 

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Tom Hardy—Rick Flagg. He's the government operative among the Suicide Squad, which otherwise is peopled with criminals. On the page, Flagg is a soldier from a family of soldiers, but his relationship with Waller (which will probably be special ops, secret missions, etc.) leads to his involvement in the squad. 

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Jai Courtney—Boomerang. There are two Boomerangs from DC Comics titles, and both usually also are called Captain Boomerang, but no matter. The original is George "Digger" Harkness, a Flash villain who, upon joining the Squad, was quickly mistrusted and disliked by his teammates. The other is that character's son, Owen Mercer, who grew into a young man unaware of his parentage until Harkness visited him. We don't know if the movie will treat him as a Flash villain. Given the character's history, there's a chance we could see him in Ezra Miller's debut film or beyond, as Boomerang is part of another group called the Rogues…

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Cara Delevigne—Enchantress. Cara Delevigne is a relatively new actress, having had small parts in a few recognizable films like Joe Wright's Anna Karenina. The inclusion of this character is very interesting, considering how long Marvel has taken to get to the "magic" of their universe (Scarlet Witch, in the upcoming Age of Ultron, and the someday-soon Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange) and considering that Enchantress' main ability is magic. Of course they could, and very well might, change the character so as to not deal with all that business. We'll have to see. That said, Guillermo del Toro just recently turned in his draft of his long-gestating Dark Universe to Warner Bros, his movie featuring the darker, more magical characters from DC and Vertigo. Del Toro's script might not have much to do with the main DCU, but it's fun to speculate, no? 

Variety's release also mentions that the film is still looking for its Amanda Waller, for whom Warner Bros. reportedly wants Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, and Oprah—who Variety says is WB's first choice for the part. Wouldn't THAT be something? Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is said to appear in the movie as well. 

A final interesting tidbit is that Warner Bros. envisions the project as the Ocean's Eleven of comic book films. That certainly gives a good idea of the angle the film will take, and perhaps the tone. While the truest adaptation of Suicide Squad would likely be R-rated, odds are this will be rated PG-13 along with the rest of the comic franchise movies to maximize box office potential. In that light, the Ocean's Eleven comparison makes some sense, although that movie didn't have nearly as many action scenes as this one should. 

Well, there you go, Internet! Another piece of news to scrutinize and devour! Will Suicide Squad blow up in WB/DC's face, or will this be the first of many missions? Leave it below. 


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