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Review: Marvel's Storm #6 by Pak, Barrionuevo, Palmer,and Redmond

Posted by Sean Hamilton Monday, December 29, 2014
Storm catches a flight
Storm #6 cover by Stephanie Hans
Strap yourself in, we are in for a bumpy ride, and we anticipate some turbulence during this flight.

Storm #6 picks up straight after the events of Yukio's betrayal of Storm's trust and the battle of the clans in Vegas.

Storm is indignant about the events we saw in the previous issue, and is heading home aboard a private charter plane. The mix of passengers on board is used to great effect by writer Greg Pak, each playing a role in the drama of the current issue. Between a medical courier, a politician, and a snobby upper-class women who has an anti-mutant attitude, Pak has an eclectic mix of support characters in this issue. It is great to see each used in a meaningful way here and from the cliff hanger ending in the next issue.

Pak's writing has been of a high class, consistently throughout this series. Issue #6, however, is an issue that's in transition. Pak is bridging the first part of the series, which has dealt with various figures from Storm's past, with a forward looking story in this issue, building up on a plot that will span multiple issues.

Storm is set for some turbulence
Storm boards a flight to trouble
The art team changes up on issue #6 of Storm, with Al Barrionuevo on pencils and Tom Palmer on inks. Ruth Redmond is the mainstay on colors, bringing her signature style from this series again in this issue. The art carries itself well with Redmond's colors helping cement a similarity across issues, however Barrionuevo's approach to Storm is not as emotional as Victor Ibanez's. The panel layout and choice of shots are straightforward, though it repeats a cycle of upward or over shoulder angles and mid-distance shots. Palmer's inks are a little rougher than previous issues but comparable in style.

Combining the artistic differences in this issue with the story's transitional feeling means that Storm #6 does feel like an in-between issue in the series. Despite this, the issue has a nice flow and set action piece, which show cases Storm's increasing confidence with her powers. We have a good set upon this issue, which looks to be rounded off in the next.

What did you think about Storm #6? How did you find the different art team? If you have been following the Save Storm campaign for the series, what do you think about the extra attention the series is receiving being from this? Make sure tell us your thoughts and leave a comment below.

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