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Week in Geek: November 24th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Monday, November 24, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer to Hit Theatres.

My take: This weekend, the teaser trailer for next December's movie that will break the internet will hit theatres. Even as a fanboy, I'm trying to avoid spoilers for this film but this might be unavoidable due to temptation levels being off the charts. However, I recall the trailer for The Phantom Menace giving me goosebumps, only to punch me in the gut several months later. I'll have to play this one very carefully.

Jurassic World Dino Revealed.

My take: Speaking of spoilers, if you don't want any, skip this paragraph. An image from LEGO has revealed a white dinosaur that is featured in the film. It's clearly intended for evil purposes, considering it's name is the Diabolus Rex.

Interstellar "Unlimited Ticket" Offered Through AMC.

My take: All AMC stubs can be upgraded to see the movie as many times as you want. The justification being that people love it so much that they want to see it over and over again. I saw this movie a couple weeks ago and I have to call bullcrap on that.


Brace Yourself. Winter Break is Coming.

My take: With many shows going on hiatus, expect some action packed cliffhangers in the next few weeks. The Flash and Arrow are set to cross over ands should give booths shows a huge boost.

Constantine in Danger?

My take: If you're watching Gotham but not Constantine, you may want to make the jump. It's lacking in the ratings and a second season is debatable. In my opinion, it's a far superior show and deserves some love! You can also support online. use #SaveConstantine, tweet to @NBCConstantine.


Spider-Verse a Blood Bath.

My take: A fun idea is slowly turning into a gruesome experiment both for writer Dan Slott and his fans and haters alike. Seeing Peter Parker murdered multiple times is unsettling on a number of levels. I thought I'd ride this out stress-free but my anxiety and blood pressure rise with every issue. I guess something's working…?

I Finished Batman: Zero Year Finally.

My take: A little late but it's new to me. I heard this was an epic story that cemented several things in Batman, Jim Gordon and The Riddler's backstory. I didn't really get that impression at all and found this story, yes this comic book story, completely unrealistic.

Howard The Duck New Ongoing.

My take: Howard feels like the character people miss when he isn't around but don't care when he is. If this book is fun and quirky and well written, I would look forward to picking it up. If it's just offbeat and nonsensical, I don't see his aging fan base sticking around for long. Best case scenario, this leads to a new movie that's actually awesome (even though I did like the first one a lot when I was a kid).

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