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Review: Uncanny X-Men 27 by Bendis, Bachalo and Townsend

Posted by Sean Hamilton Sunday, November 9, 2014
Cyclops controls his power in Uncanny X-Men 27
Uncanny X-Men 27 cover by
Bachalo and Townsend
Rise again, Cyclops, the master strategist...

We are facing a crucial test for the Uncanny X-Men. Their mettle continues to be pushed, yet we may still see the Mutant Revolution roll onward despite the obstacles before it.

The X-Men have been set the ultimate task from their former leader, Charles Xavier, to find and neutralize a potential catastrophe caused by the reawakened powerful mutant Matthew Malloy. To this end, leaders from the Xavier and Jean Grey schools have banded together in an uneasy manner to fulfill Xavier's last wishes. However, they are too late, and although S.H.I.E.L.D tried to intervene, Matthew's powers have been unleashed on an unsuspecting populous.

Brian Michael Bendis continues to strive to deliver a suspenseful story that plays up well the different ideological approaches of the main mutant factions. Surprisingly absent in issue #27 of Uncanny X-Men is any follow-up of the argument among students of the Xavier school. After the rancor that arose during their training session last issue, we are left hanging about the result of the dissipating positions of the student body. The main focus of the current issue sits squarely on the threat of Matthew Malloy.

S.H.I.E.L.D. and the X-Men confront Matthew Malloy
Rachel Grey tries to control
the mind of Matthew Malloy.
As we find the super-powered Malloy in this issue, he is trying to come to terms with all that has happened in his life. The mutant power, the deaths, and the deceptions from Xavier are all amounting to an unhinging that could be terrible to behold. As the X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D team up to try to replace the status quo, we get to see just how powerful this new mutant is and find that the threat could not have been more underestimated. The most surprising twist comes in the form of a straight on approach from Cyclops that offers a vindicating moment at the conclusion of Uncanny X-Men #27. What a way to lead into the next issue, with such open possibilities and consequences as a result.

It was nice to see Bendis show some humor, with the arresting moment between Wolverine and Cyclops on the helicarrier, but it was also nice not to have the guilt/death of Xavier angle further thrown over the pages of this series. Although Cyclops's actions have brought about the current state of affairs, as a result of killing Xavier, and that cannot be down played, it would be easy to take the issue too far and sideline the proper plot. Bendis and the editorial team have shown restraint in picking up which threads of the story to bring to the fore.

Chris Bachalo continues with the art in Uncanny X-Men #27. The cover by Bachalo and Tim Townsend is proactive. It shows Cyclops in profile, shooting out a trademark beam from his eyes. However, directly in front of his face is a hummingbird, around which the eye beam is guided. This shows tact and skill, which we have been led to believe Cyclops no longer has because the Phoenix episode damaged his power set. This imagery, coupled with the actual story content of Uncanny X-Men #27, may be heralding a return to form for the mutant revolution leader.

Matthew Malloy poses a threat to civilians and mutantsThe interior content of issue #27 shows a stronger array of art than we have recently been provided in this series. That isn't to say that previous art was not good; by all means, it has a distinctness that sets it apart from other X-Men titles. I simply mean that for this issue of Uncanny X-Men the flow, line work, and panel arrangement are that much more cohesive, and the finished pages sing a sweet harmony. Of particular note, there are some beautiful images of Matthew Malloy from Bachalo, and the colors from Jose Villarrubia and Rain Beredo on this character in the opening three pages are just fantastic.

All in all, Uncanny X-Men #27 is picking up the story and art in a pleasing manner. Other recent issues have been fine, but this issue is stepping it up a notch, which is nice to see. The story elements are all in place to continue in a direction that I didn't see coming during this arc. With the alternating artists, we are able to see different interpretations of the characters, but it is a long game in terms of feeling the cohesion that the story is striving for.

The X-Men are powerless to stop Matthew Malloy
The X-men combined struggle against Matthew Malloy
I look forward to seeing where we will go next, but as always we want to hear what you think of this comic. Make sure you leave a comment below, or tweet us or leave a message on Facebook. Be sure to come back next time, as Cyclops tries his hand at helping Matthew Malloy overcome the powers threatening to bring the mutant world crashing down.

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