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Alan Moore's "From Hell" is Coming to FX

Posted by Unknown Saturday, November 22, 2014
from hell alan moore eddie campbell graphic novel comics jack the ripper murder explicit
The 1999 collected edition.
Just a few days ago, the FX network has confirmed to be developing a new drama series based on Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's groundbreaking graphic novel From Hell.

Considered to be one of the top ten graphic novels of all time, From Hell, which was originally published in serial form from 1989 to 1996 and finally turned into a 572-page collected edition in 1999, is based on the now debunked theory the Jack the Ripper murders were committed to cover up the birth of an illegitimate child by Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence. In order to silence possible witnesses and gossipers, Queen Victoria enlists the help of the royal physician, Sir William Gull, a high-ranking Freemason who murders them and becomes the infamous serial killer.

With a plot-line involving multiple characters and over 40 pages of actual historic documents and references,  the novel is a guttural study of Gull's genius mind slowly descending into madness:
While he justifies the murders by claiming they are a Masonic warning to an apparent Illuminati threat to the throne, the killings are, in Gull's mind, part of an elaborate mystical ritual to ensure male societal dominance over women. As the killings progress, Gull becomes more and more psychologically unhinged, culminating in a full psychic vision of the future during his murder of Mary Kelly.
from hell alan moore william gull psychopath murder jack the ripper london whitechapel
Gull's mind starts to break.
Though is it yet to be seen how faithful to the graphic novel the FX adaptation will be, executive producer Don Murphy, who produced the From Hell movie (don't watch it. It is really bad), believes a TV series "would be a great way to handle the material properly, giving the story time to play out and doing it justice."

David Arata (Children Of Men) will write the adaptation.

There is still no word on casting or even if the show will be as a one-and-done event series or if it will tell the book’s story over the course of multiple seasons. However, there is no doubt Alan Moore will not be involved in any way and will probably bash the show with all his might, as he hates any movie or TV adaptation of his work.

Alan Moore genius from hell watchmen V for Vendetta comics graphic novel writer
Alan Moore is not impressed.
Let's cross our fingers, pray to the moon, squeeze our stress balls, and send some creative vibes to the folks at FX. If done right, the show can be as intense and gritty as Cinemax's period drama The Knick.

One can only hope.

Do you think the TV series From Hell has potential?

Is it going to be a hit or miss? 

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