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Are horror movies not scary enough for you? Do you play Silent Hill or The Evil Within without even flinching? If so, Affected might just be what your psycho self needs to feel scared. I know I need it.

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The Manor
Affected, a virtual reality horror game that uses both the Kickstarter-funded Cyberith Virtualizer (due to be released in early 2015) and the next generation Oculus Rift, allows the player to fully immerse her- or himself into the game.

According to its developer, Fallen Planet Studios, Affected has "no puzzles to solve, no coins to collect"—the player just has to make it to the end in one piece.

The journey takes you through three terrifying environments: The Manor, The Asylum, and the The Carnival. Each level makes use of various thematic fears and phobias, lots of jumpscares, cutting-edge 3D graphics, and dynamic sound effects, all in order to launch the player into a world filled with nightmares.  The developer promises "heightened feelings of tension and more importantly, unprecedented levels of fear."

video games asylum crazy horror scary
The Asylum
Although one can download the game and play it on a regular computer, Fallen Planet Studios has partnered up with Cyberith and Oculus to create the ultimate immersive experience.

The Cyberith Virtualizer consists of a flat base plate whose low-friction surface allows the player to "walk, run, and strafe freely in every direction," and a uniquely constructed ring that allows one to use "vertical movements such as jumping and crouching, as well as a 360° axial rotation." Cyberith promises its design allows for "movement [that] feels realistic, dramatically enhancing immersion [and] the adjustable harness ensures that movement through virtual worlds is effortless."

video games carnival freaks clowns scary horror halloween circus
The Carnival
The Oculus Rift allows the player to seamlessly look around the virtual world by using "custom tracking technology to provide ultra-low latency 360° head tracking." It also possesses a stereoscopic 3D, which allows one to perceive images the same way one's eyes perceive them in the real world, creating a much more natural and comfortable experience.

If Affected makes anyone feel "comfortable" remains to be seen.

Still curious about this game and all the technology that it involves? Then check out this young lady attempting to conquer Affected by playing with both Oculus and the Virtualizer.

You can download the game at

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