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Review: Nightcrawler #7 by Claremont, Bennett, Nauck and Rosenberg

Posted by Sean Hamilton Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Marvel's Nightcrawler 7 Death of Wolverine tie-in
Nightcrawler 7 cover by Jamie McKelvie
Remembering the fallena time to mourn.

Nightcrawler #7 provides the Jean Grey School what is much needed at this time. School is suspended for a period and we catch the campus on a still night when Nightcrawler feels the need to eulogize:

"The Wolverine touched so many souls. He made mistakes and tried his best to set them right. He fought for his friends and tried his best to make the world a better place. He never gave up, and never backed down. He would go to the wall for those he cared about. He would even forgive you if you couldn't match those standards. All he demanded, in the end, was that you try."

Nightcrawler #7 pays homage to the loss that is rippling out from the events of the Death of Wolverine series. The above from Nightcrawler summarizes the intent and character of the narrative from Chris Claremont in this issue. Claremont expands a plot provided by Marguerite Bennett which is both reflective and taut with emotion.

This is a Death of Wolverine tie-in issue which examines the friendship of Nightcrawler and Wolverine, focusing on the legacy of Wolverine through the lens of Nightcrawler's experiences. Claremont has used the series so far in a nostalgic manner to explore the way Nightcrawlerand by extension the other X-Menfit in the current world of comic audiences. With the ever changing dynamic of the X-Men moving at such a rapid pace, this has been an interesting exercise to be a part of as a reader.

Claremont's narrative style finds full force in Nightcrawler #7. As the writer employs a very verbose direction to his stories and these can be dialogue laden at times, this is the perfect opportunity to unleash in a way that is fitting to both the art and the plot. We get a sense here the Nightcrawler as the narrator is appropriate for guiding readers through the recent events in the Death of Wolverine, especially those who may not have read the other series.

Death of Wolverine stops Nightcrawler
A time for reflection
Todd Nauck continues to provide very reader-friendly art through the Nightcrawler series. In issue seven, Nauck is able to expand the number of X-Men drawn to a variety of supporting cast. As this issue shows a number of past major events that Nightcrawler and Wolverine have been apart of, Nauck gets to flex some creative muscle when recreating these in his own style. There are a few memorable set action pieces and the colors are nostalgic as Rachelle Rosenberg aids in taking readers back over the decades and we see uniforms and setting from days gone by.

The art continues to have a light feeling to it, targeting an audience of all ages, so while the content and tone of the story are necessarily downcast in Nightcrawler #7, the art is quite approachable.

The end to this issue is sombre, but it is great to see it rounded out as it began, reflecting on friendship. As Nightcrawler mourns for one lost so suddenly for him, he does so in the embrace of another, as Rachel Grey arrives to strengthen the Elf's resolve.

Nightcrawler recreates a fond farewell for Wolverine
Nightcrawler uses the danger room to offer a fitting farewell to Wolverine

At the close of Nightcrawler #7, it feels that the death of Wolverine has only just begun. There are a lot more stories to come from such a dramatic change to the X-Men.

Despite this feeling like it may not quite be the end, the Jean Grey School needs to continue and the students look to the older X-Men like Nightcrawler for guidance.

Nightcrawler #7 was an enjoyable reflection on the fall of Wolverine. Did you enjoy this jaunt through memory lane? What did you think about this issue? Make sure you leave your comments below.

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