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Marvel's All-New X-Men #31 by Bendis, Asrar, and Gracia

Posted by Sean Hamilton Tuesday, October 14, 2014
All-New X-Men 31 Review Cover artWorlds collide.

What happens when a new mutant with undefined powers, which can rip a hole in multiple realities, meets the X-Men?

With this premise, Brian Michael Bendis unleashes his setup for the collision of the Ultimate universe and the original X-Men in issue 31 of All-New X-Men.

This issue picks up where the ripples of the "Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier" storyline left off in issue 30.

Bendis has integrated his stories in All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men in this manner over the past few issues, and it's been nice to see this cohesion as the world of the X-Men is rattled by its key figures.

All-New X-Men travel to the Ultimate UniverseThis is a key issue for the setup of the Ultimate Universe and All-New X-Men crossover, and as a result it is not high on set action pieces. It is great to see the character development that is Bendis' style, as we see the relationship of Angel and Laura come back to the reality of the Charles Xavier school. The quick wit and dry humor emanating from the one-liners of young Iceman and Hank McCoy also enhance what could have been a slower issue. It is important to appreciate these moments amid the chaos of action that abounds in the X-Men's world.

As the story develops, the All-New X-Men leave the confines of their hidden school to check out a new powerful mutant beginning to manifest its powers.

Unfortunately for them, this new power set happens to send them all separately to a new dimension, each with their own problems to face. It is clever to see the unfolding story from Bendis, as it has some great potential not only to bring together iconic parts of the Marvel Universe, but also to test these characters in a way that hasn't been seen before.

Marvels All-New X-Men 31 interior art reviewAll-New X-Men #31 is also the beginning of a run for new artist Mahmud Asrar, one of Marvel's "Young Guns." Although this change was announced earlier this year, Asrar has taken no time to pause the flow of the art in this series, and his style bears great similarity to Grawbadger and Immonen. The inking is a little heavier in places, but not ostentatiously so. Holding it together are the beautiful colors of Marte Gracia, which as usual are seamlessly coherent.

Asrar has a different approach to the facial features and expressions of his characters, particularly the eyes. His style feels a little fresher and displays more emotion. There is a lot of panel work, but this seems to fit the story, with so much to be set up and taken in from the narrative.

Overall, the introduction of the new direction for the story, which focuses more on the All-New X-Men core group, and the change to Asrar for artwork are pulled off well. I look forward to the next issue of All-New X-Men to see how Asrar continues and what we will meet in the Ultimate's universe.

What did you think of this issue of All-New X-Men? How did you like Asrar's art?

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