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Marvel has hit fans with a ton of Black Panther news today, as a solo film has been announced with a release date of November 3, 2017, but that's not all!

HD Black Panther film poster logo

In addition to having his own Black Panther film, the character of T'Challa will also be appearing in Captain America: Civil War.

For the hat trick of announcements, Marvel has also revealed who will be playing the part and the casting decision should delight fans. Long rumored to be a contender to play the King of Wakanda, Chadwick Boseman will indeed be putting on the suit.

Black Panther Chadwick Boseman T'Challa in Marvel Cinematic Universe
Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman, and Robert Downey Jr.
It has been speculated that the character Andy Serkis is playing in Avengers: Age of Ultron is Ulysses Klaw, a longtime archenemy of T'Challa. With various reports talking about Wakanda making an appearance in the movie, along with Andy Serkis definitely resembling the character, and now all of these announcements connecting Black Panther and Captain America: Civil War (which is set to derive straight from the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron), it seems like a guarantee that the rumors are true.

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Black Panther Concept Art for Marvel Cinematic Universe
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