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Week in Geek: September 3rd, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, September 4, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week

Guardians of the Galaxy Outpaces Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

My take: At the time of this writing, Guardians of the Galaxy has grossed $282,592,043 which beats Captain America: The Winter Soldier's $259,766,572 and that is nothing but amazing news for Marvel. The floodgates are open and they shouldn't be afraid to test the waters with a Captain Marvel or Black Widow movie immediately.

DC Movie Plans Deduced.

My take: It looks like the next four films in DC's film canon are slated to be Justice League, Shazam, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. How DC is expecting to make Shazam work when they've never really known how to handle Superman movies is beyond me. Tossing Dwayne Johnson into a movie franchise is supposed to re-invigorate a series, not kick one off. They have also commissioned two, separate Aquaman scripts in order to mix & match the best parts of each to make the best movie possible. Is that how it works?? All I know is, they need to boldly copy Marvel's film formats, not try to be unique. Be open about it, everyone knows you want to do what they're doing. So, just do it!

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary.

My take: I went and saw Ghostbusters last weekend and enjoyed it more than I ever had. I'm older now and, though I've seen the movie and least a couple dozen times, I really understood more of what made the film a hit. It stands up way more than I realized with unique characters, a simple and fast-paced story and a simple climax that feels like they really save the world. If this is running at your local theatre, definitely go and check it out!


The Greatest American Hero Rebooted?

My take: Hellz yes, a reboot by Lord and Miller would be amazing. This was one of my top shows when I was a kid. A comedy superhero action TV series is exactly what we need right now and this property is absolutely perfect.

The Tick Also Making a Return?

My take: It should come as no surprise that with many superhero movies, there will come many superhero parodies. The timing for The Tick waaaaaaay back in 2001 was completely wrong and now the show may be a big hit. It's exciting to see networks scrambling to keep up while providers like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO move forward on trying things out. In the new world of binge-watching, what harm can it do to have a series that's only six episodes long that someone, somewhere and some point will definitely try out?

24 Movie May Happen Now.

My take: After solid ratings from the recent 12-episode arc, the 24 movie might soon be a reality. I think the series lost most of it's fan base to the repetitive and outlandish plot lines season after season. The movie will only be a real success if it does something truly different. The obvious choice would be to have a 2 hour film that takes place in real time (it can't be any worse than 88 minutes). This format would restrict the overlooking of, oh, a nuclear bomb going off and everyone forgetting about it 2 hours later. If the movie is a hit and they get to make a dozen 2 hour movies…..? That's 24 hours of entertainment and the loop will be complete.


The Death of Wolverine is Coming.

My take: I'll be skipping this series. As predictable as many stories are, it's not hard to figure out when he'll be back. When Marvel says Logan will be dead "for a long time", you only need to know X-Men: Apocalypse comes out May 27th, 2016 to figure out when he'll be coming back.

DC's "Future's End" is New Reader Repellant.

My take: I can't take it anymore. DC can only save itself with another crisis, at this point. With their recent reboot set to attract and interest new readers, how can they expect that when even veteran readers are having trouble following everything? Throw Grant Morrison into the mix and you've got a time bomb that is actually already set to go off this spring. I don't care what happens in the books until then but I hope they're planning something big enough to retcon the last three years (again….again).

Original Sin…is it Over Yet?.

My take: Original Sin's body isn't even cold and everyone is already excited for Marvel's next crossover, AXIS. The industry is at a point where news of the next storyline is bigger than how it plays out or what's happening that week. Personally, I'm starting to get more and more attracted to unique content from Image, which is rare for me to try out.
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