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Week in Geek: September 17th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Avengers: Age of Ultron Synopsis Revealed.

My take: The basic elements of what we were all expecting are there. Tony Stark tries something that goes wrong and Ultron is born. The stakes were high for Earth in the first film but this story could set everyone on a path to some kind of uncivilized war, or something. I'm curious how, or if, this story will effect the TV universes.

Anthony Daniels Doesn't Like CGI C-3PO.

My take: He's damn right. If Threepio can barely hold a screwdriver, he had no place having a high-flying adventure in the molten assembly line in Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars. It's nice to see he shares the same opinions many of us do.

DC/WB Announces Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Animated.

My take: Not surprising, considering the live action film is coming. The only danger lies in DC's strong, animated history. Could this three-part series, when clipped together into a movie, end up being more entertaining than Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice? With Bruce Timm as executive producer, it's possible!

Andrew Garfield Knows Amazing Spider-Man 2 Wasn't Awesome.

My take: Garfield confirmed that there was a whole lot of additional story and threads that didn't end up weaving together due to editing. He does suggest that there was great potential but the viewing audience didn't get to see the full vision of what was supposed to play out. With Sony scrambling to throw an extended franchise together, maybe it's time to listen to someone other than your pocketbooks.


Captain Boomeran Cast for … Arrow?.

My take: A villain I thought may be more suitable to appear in The Flash, Captain Boomerang, will be played by Nick Tarabay. I think this will help bleed the two shows together somehow as he's a member of the famed Rogues Gallery.

DC's Vertigo Series Lucifer Coming to TV?

My take: Slow down, DC/WB. You don't even know if you're doing this right yet. They continue to want to dominate TV and possibly emulate Marvel's film success but aren't connecting dots in the way they would need to. I could see a connection between Lucifer and Constantine at some point but either start a cohesive universe, or don't. It will be interesting to see where this upcoming Teen Titans series will land, too.

"Stick" Cast for Daredevil.

My take: This casting reveals a little bit about the background and trajectory for the series. We've already heard it will be darker but this confirms a Frank Miller-esk backstory. The more they can keep to the comics, the better. Also, Stick will be played by Scott Glenn! How awesome is that!!?


Death of Wolverine Delayed.

My take: At a time when continuity shouldn't matter as much (strong Steve Rogers is in as many books as weakened, 90-year-old Steve Rogers, for example), this single story's delay shouldn't matter much. I still hold strong to my theory that many of the recent changes at Marvel may revert back to normal once Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out. With so many crossovers (Original Sin, AXIS, etc) it's getting harder to keep stories contained. Especially with the X-universe now so mixed with the rest of the characters, where they were once kept very separate.

Justice League 3000 Brings Back Pre-New-52 Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

My take: Soooo, huh!? It turns out that Justice League 3000, set in the year 3000, takes place on DC's Earth that we knew and loved from 1987-2011. I'm all for that, but man, what a tease! I don't think DC will ever go back to the world before The New 52 at this point, however, I would be fine with a little bit of clean-up this spring. Some huge event is coming and it could be a new "Crisis".


Minecraft Purchased for $2.5 Billion by Microsoft.

My take: If the property has the staying power of something like Pokemon, this is a huge "get" for Microsoft. However, if this happens to be a fad for a small portion of the population who outgrow it in the next few years, they're screwed. A goal is to heighten sales of Windows Smart Phones, which aren't doing well in the competitive market. With a target audience who knows enough to steer clear of the unpopular Windows 8, this might be a tough sell.


Text with Groot.

My take: Apparently you can call a certain number, that I will not list here, and text back and forth with Groot. The response should be obvious, however, I got wind that this was a ploy to record and sell your phone numbers so, take caution!

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