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The Spirit of Cosplay: Boston Comic Con 2014

Posted by Gina D'Angelo Sunday, August 17, 2014
Cosplay and Comic Con go hand in hand like cats and the Internet. With the introduction of Heroes of Cosplay and the ever-expanding roster of "celebrity cosplayers" appearing at cons, I'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate spirited participants—those who do not have a lot of time or resources to put into their cosplay yet nonetheless nail the costume.

My issue with celebrity invading the world of cosplay is that it elevates some people above others. I started wearing costumes to conventions 6 years ago, and part of what made it so fun was the instant camaraderie of meeting other people in corresponding costumes. It was fun to celebrate common interests, yell quotes at each other, and compare notes about con experiences.

As a person who loves to make things, I marveled at the different methods used to make the costumes. I am a seamstress, so I am all fabric, all the way. I would see costumes composed of all store-bought components, some of unorthodox materials like plastic tubing and spray paint, and some of carefully molded foam. I don't think anyone should be excluded from the fun or looked down upon because they are wearing cardboard and spray paint. I think what makes for good cosplay is when your character is identifiable, and not how much money you spent.

Following are some of the most fun costumes I saw at Boston Comic Con:

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Does she win Mother of the Year Award or what? Pikachu and Bob's Burger characters.
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Speedy. This cosplayer said most of the garment components were from Wal-Mart and the bow was her own; she had just created a slip cover to make it the correct color. 
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Original character design created by the model. 
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Rainbow Brite in felt, made by the self-described costumer. I see the shining light! 
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Attack on Titan is huge this year, but Sasha gets extra points for bringing a potato with her. 
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The girl on the left made her friend's Starfire costume. 
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The Iron (cardboard and duct tape) Throne!
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Man of my dreams: a completely fabric plush Iron Man!
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Frozen dudes. I appreciate a good gender bend.
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Quality time with the family is very important.
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How will the Quicksilvers compare between X-Men: DoFP and Avengers: AoU
Quicksilver and Catbug: nope, nothing cuter.

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Constantine has a new show coming out this fall, so be ready to see more of this guy!
Were you at Boston Comic-Con? What were your favorite cosplay costumes? Share below!

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