A Canadian Town Attempts to Build a Full-Sized Star Trek Enterprise Ship | Fanboys Anonymous
This news makes my nerdar go off the rails so hardcore I can barely sit still. A tiny Canadian town is attempting to build a real life, full-sized Star Trek Starship Enterprise! This story is so intriguing I had to write up a little bit and spread it along to all my Trekker peeps. I also need to vent a bit of frustration.

star trek life sized replica of the ship uss enterprise
Named Vulcan, this little town is the so-called "Star Trek Capital of Canada" and has embraced its name by hosting an annual Spock Day for many years. Many Star Trek actors, including Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy, have shown up for the celebrations. Not satisfied with this, Vulcan has launched a campaign to build a life-sized, working version of the USS Enterprise. Located in the Badlands region of Alberta, Vulcan unfortunately has no real chance of making this happen.

It's true. To be honest, they never had the intention of building a working starship; the total cost of the project would run in the trillions of dollars, and the campaign goal of $2 billion will never happen. Thus although they stated they wanted a real-life, working Enterprise with actual warp drive technology and real teleporters, in truth this was nothing more than a marketing ploy to get people interested in that area of the Badlands. So screw them for getting my hopes up of at least building a replica! I could see that, something with decks and fun bits we fans know and love from the shows.

False advertising or a clever marketing ploy? Annoyed by the announcement? Sound off below.

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