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Week in Geek: Wednesday August 20th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week

The Rock….of Eternity?

My take: Dwayne Johnson will be featured in a Shazam movie in some way, shape or form. He may be the hero or he could be his arch-nemesis, Black Adam. I don't have any problem with the casting, I think Johnson can be great. What I do have a problem with (as you'll know, if you read this column weekly) is DC Comics and Warner Bros. They are stacking the deck with something they don't have a handle on, whatsoever. When Iron Man came out with a fun and quirky personality to it, it very well could have still bombed. If that happened, they would have changed gears and tried again. Man of Steel needed a change in gears but it certainly didn't need to be cancelled as a film series.

Star Wars Blu Rays?

My take: Disney is possibly pulling our legs to get the hype even higher for the upcoming Episode VII release next year. As a fan, I regret not getting the 2006 DVD's that had these original films included and I would love to see a Blu-Ray release of them. However, as soon as the fact that Disney is considering releasing them next year, we hear that they own the originals but not the distribution rights. How is that possible? Legal mumbo jumbo! Just make this happen!

Edge of Tomorrow DVD Gets Title Changed.

My take: Why do does Warner Bros. want to change the title of a movie to it's tagline? Nobody knows but it sure has people talking about the film again…so…genius move? If you didn't see this movie in theatres and it's still available to you locally, please go see it. Warner Bros. did this same thing with The Iron Giant; they had no idea what they had and no idea how to market it properly. This movie is a clever and charming action sci-fi adventure that plays like a video game. Boom. Done. WB, I await my job offer.

Will Marvel Make an Inhumans Movie?

My take: If they thought Guardians of the Galaxy was risky, I think they're crazy. The moment I heard they were making it, I knew that someone, somewhere, at some meeting made a brilliant decision and it would be a hit. However, as big a fan I am of Marvel's cosmos stories, The Inhumans is one sector I could just never get behind. I don't mind them being included or a plot point but it would take some extremely clever storytelling to make me look forward to a movie about them and their history and their ongoing politics.

No More Origin Superhero Movies.

My take: Speaking of brilliant decisions, Marvel is steering away from the superhero origin movie. With the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, it's pretty clear moviegoers don't need to be pandered to anymore. They don't need to know how someone got powers in anything longer than a flashback or line of dialogue. Marvel doesn't have time for origins at this point. To keep up with the stories and the franchise, other heroes and characters introduced need to be ready to go if Thanos shows up tomorrow. Also, there are literally millions of copies of source material you can go to if you're curious. Find a local comic book store or hop on Comixology if you have a tablet.


Cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Still Expanding.

My take: Knowing that the TV series is connected to the films makes this show a key player to keep an eye on. I never got into it, myself but am most certainly interested in Adrianne Palicki being cast as Mockingbird. The only real reason, if I must be honest, is I think she's distractingly gorgeous.

Star Wars Rebels to Premiere October 3rd.

My take: I've already committed myself to watching this show and giving Disney a full chance to save this franchise for me. I have been completely disillusioned since 1999 came along. The more footage I see, however, the more I fear this show may still need a kick in the butt. I think the voice actors are doing a great job, the music is also a great match. The animation, however, seems almost sloppy and clunky when compared to The Clone Wars. That style wasn't my favorite but it was stern and precise while this show looks like they gave gravity the day off and make way too much use of camera movements. However, all I've seen are clips and trailers and can't speak much more aside from speculation. Either way, I'm looking forward to what they've done to expand the universe.


Superior Foes of Spider-Man Ending?

My take: I just found this out today, not sure when it was announced but that is a bummer. I just got into this series recently and it's a blast. With all the dramatic stories out there, it's nice to have something that's fun and funny. It's too bad books like this don't seem to last too long in the Big Two's libraries.

Batman Books Getting Overhaul.

My take: With new editors on the Batman books, it's nice to see DC's *shudder* New 52 getting it's first, real makeover. Not every bat-book needs to star Batman and it's nice to see books like Grayson and Batgirl trying something new with plot and design.

DC's Multiversity Starts.

My take: A writer on my "most questionable" list, Grant Morrison, started the DC universe on it's new path this week. With comedy and breaking of the fourth wall, this isn't what many were expecting. Captain Carrot hopes to be DC's answer to Rocket Raccoon and I don't think they'll end up pulling that off. DC's multiverse is only entertaining for fans who've followed the books for more than 20 years, or those new who really, really enjoy doing research (as I once was). It's getting harder and harder to follow DC stories and to know which characters are the ones we're supposed to care about. Personally, I think they had their act together up until Infinite Crisis and things fell apart and imploded with Final Crisis.

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