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Week in Geek: August 27th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Tanks at the Box Office.

My take: It was a sequel nobody really asked for and makes me really question why Guillermo del Toro can't get the $150 million budget approved to make Hellboy 3.

Star Wars Expanded Universe Also Rebooted?

My take: It's possible Disney is letting the Star Wars team try and connect all their new books, comics, movies and animated series into one story. This would mean that the upcoming Star Wars Rebels is canon and directly connected to the story we know so far. It's a pretty big goal, considering nothing has been seen by the public yet. The jury is still out on that series, as well as Episode VII and one mis-step like we had with the prequels could really screw things up all over again.

DC Movies and the "No Jokes" Policy.

My take: There is a rumor going around that DC is adamant that is avoids any possible pitfalls with their upcoming films, including being funny. If they can't win with a brooding Superman, how will they win with a joke-less Flash or Green Lantern (but, you know, a better one)? Supposedly the rumblings are wrong, according to Seth Rogan (somehow) but it's very possible DC is trying to distance itself from Marvel films and looking like copycats. Too late, DC.


The Emmys Prove Predictable.

My take: Good TV is good TV and if shows win year after year, it's possible that they earned it. It's simple to be negative and call out "snubs" but that's lazy. We're being treated to some amazing TV these days and watching a "predictable" awards show doesn't mean "wrong" or "boring". I agree with most of the winners (though I picked Amy Poehler over Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and look forward to great shows continuing and new shows to surprise me.

Minority Report TV Series in the Works.

My take: Why, you may ask? I'd ask the same question. The movie was based on a short story and didn't show a future I wanted to see more of, anyway. The premise, preventing crimes before they happen, has been used before in shows like Early Edition. In that series, the lead character mysteriously received tomorrow's newspaper every day and went about preventing the horrible things that were reported. A Minority Report series would be roughly the same idea with a more sci-fi twist.

Daredevil to Have Darker Tone.

My take: I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier again the other day and it was amazing again. However, for the first time, I really noticed how similar all the Marvel movies look. The Netflix series, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage may have a darker tone and, therefore, potentially different cinemetography. This would be a welcome change, as far as I'm concerned. They may also cross over with the movies, meaning we could see cinematic characters in new ways (picture Captain America on patrol roof-hopping).

Full House Back on the Air?

My take: I hear rumblings of Full House coming back to TV. Not a new version or reboot nor a reunion one-off special…an actual series. Although I have little to no interest in this, I'm curious what kind of take they would go for on the family dynamic. Regardless what you thought of the show, it taught a lot of broken homes that whatever your living situation was, there are all kinds of families out there.


Marvel/Disney Printing Their Own Money.

My take: By taking old Dark Horse comic books, of which there are PLENTY, and re-printing them, Marvel is going to laugh all the way to the bank. These are stories that many casual fans have always ignored and hardcore fans will be excited to get new copies of. With news bouncing around that all books will now be part of the new canon, uninformed readers will snap these up like crazy.

Is a Marvel Reboot Coming?

My take: Speculation is that Marvel, starting many books back at #1 again this May, could be about to experience a DC-like crisis. With time travel in the recent Age of Ultron series throwing universes out of whack and putting Earth in the dimensional cross-hairs, it's very possible! Upcoming stories already feature time travel and storylines that will require re-launching anyway. The timelines all seem to line up perfectly to launch alongside Avengers: Age of Ultron. As a long time reader, I'm not sure I like the idea of rebooting at Marvel but I'm not afraid of a shake-up, either. This spring, Marvel and DC appear to both be leading towards a line-wide clean slate. It will be very interesting to see if that happens.

Action Comics Sells for $3.2 Million.

My take: It's exciting any time comic books get the spotlight on the news but this price sets a new precedent for comic book value. That's not a good thing. We're likely to see a leap in the value of rare books for a time, then a big drop. Individual issues will continue to be worth less than the selling price and the industry could get the evil eye like it did back after the '90s collector bust.

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