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Week in Geek - August 15th, 2014

Posted by Unknown Friday, August 15, 2014
It's Friday again (Wow. The weeks go fast when you do a lot of cocaine!), so let's examine some stories that stood out this week in the world of geek culture. There were a lot of bits about comic book movies and the actors and directors involved with these projects, but what about the rest of the pop culture world?

Michael Bay's TMNT dominates its opening weekend box office, robbing Guardians of the Galaxy of its August record
This past weekend had some big numbers thrown down at the box office with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles leading the way with a brawny $65 million opening. What this means is that this film will be getting a sequel, once again produced by Michael Bay. What this also means is that I weep for humanity's soul and the quality of the films coming up. There are good ones out there too, like Guardians of the Galaxy, which was the B.O. king the week before. Don't support TMNT; support good films instead and eventually the bad ones will go away. Also, Megan Fox may begin to understand her head looks like a Barbie doll head and she'll stop getting plastic surgery.

Game of Thrones actor dies after filming one scene for hit HBO series
In TV news, the hit HBO series Game of Thrones suffered a set-back when the actor set to play Ser Denys Mallister (the oldest member of the Night's Watch in the far north on the Wall) died just four days after filming his first scene. His name was J.J. Murphy and he was 86 years old. Game of Thrones show runners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have said they shall not be recasting the role, that he was the best man for the job and that, "his watch has ended." That's pretty cool, I think, and demonstrates some great integrity. Good for them.

In some good news, Harrison Ford was seen walking around at the world premiere for The Expendables 3 without any sign of a limp or physical impairment. This is after breaking his leg in June on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. This is wonderful news, seeing him ready to get back into action as Han Solo so fast—especially considering some rumors were claiming production would be shut down for close to six months. Ford is too tough for that noise, yo.

Speaking of big movies, we've heard a lot about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, including a confirmation that Jason Momoa has been cast as Aquaman. How big the role is and what effect it will have on this film is unknown at this time. We've also gotten some pics of Batfleck in action as Bruce Wayne that have leaked this week and also the confirmation of his age in the film: 42, the same age he is in real life. My thoughts? I don't like Aquaman in this; there are already too many characters and including any more will spill over into ridiculousness. Also, why have Affleck be his same age? Snyder said this would be an older, tired, battle-tested Batman, so what the hell?

Robin Williams' suicide shatters the world and raises awareness for those suffering depression
In other sad celebrity news, we lost both Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams. Bacall was close to 90 years of age so this is understandable but Williams—his death was a real shame because police say it was from suicide and the comedic legend was said to have suffered from drug abuse and depression for many years. My heart broke when I got the news and after my initial shock and disbelief, only sadness remained.

We were lucky enough here at Fanboys Anonymous to do a tribute to Williams and talk about his life and films. It was nice to see many of our contributing writers speak of the same films of his that I love so much, and come together here and remember a great entertainer and very funny, talented man. Everyone whose lives were touched by Robin Williams will remember him forever and it is a true shame he had to suffer with so much pain during his life considering he gave so much joy to the world.

Watch out for this segment each and every week. We'll see you then! Did we miss anything? What are your thoughts on these topics? Sound off below.

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