Warner Bros. Changes Edge of Tomorrow's Title for Blu-ray/DVD Release | Fanboys Anonymous
This is a really strange one but it has come to my attention that Warner Bros. is attempting to play a little sleight of hand to get people on-board with buying the Blu-Ray or DVD of the upcoming release of the Tom Cruise sci-fi actioner, Edge of Tomorrow. It's almost like they are ashamed of the original title and want to feature the tagline more. The tagline for the film was:


The film, by all accounts, was a very well made film and I've been itching to see it. I wanted to catch it in the theaters but it was there and gone so fast that I never had a chance. Didn't get a chance to see it either? Never fear, because the Blu-ray and DVD are coming fast for release, plus a digital download, of course. Some sites are claiming Warner Bros. are kind of changing the title to the above tagline in order to mix it up or…to make people buy it more?

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I don't get this, or at least I'm not convinced this is why the DVD cover looks like this. Sure, they seem to be pushing this tagline, but the title of the movie is Edge of Tomorrow, end of story. Look at the edge (heh) of the cover here and it still says the actual title. Plus, the movie was that big of a flop; it made $364 million worldwide, which isn't hugely bad on a $178 million budget.

Warner Bros. would need a bigger reason to go this route to try to distance themselves from the film and the name; it's not like it was hated. In fact, it got amazing reviews from both critics and movie goers, but, for whatever reason, it failed to make a ton of money at the box office. Then again, there's nothing wrong with the studio using the tagline more prominently—something that might reach a bigger audience since it covered the posters as well. Maybe they're trying to relaunch the marketing for the film?

So did anyone see the movie? Was it good, great, or forgettable? Will the different take on the title/tagline work to generate buzz for the Blu-ray/DVD release? Sound off below.

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