Two New Superhero Themed Rides Added to Six Flags: Batman & Justice League | Fanboys Anonymous
For anyone who has ever been to Six Flags out in Southern California, you may have ridden the Batman or Superman ride there. They are both pretty fun. Supes' ride is a bit short, but it's a nice kick in the gut. The older Batman one is a strange combination of swing and roller coaster. You float suspended and dash through a mist; I guess it's meant to be like the Batcave?

Six Flags Great Adventure Justice League ridesRegardless, Six Flags has announced they are building two new rides, one new Batman-themed roller coaster and a second dealing with The Justice League. These two are much more advanced than anything they've done before with these properties, so it should be fun. Six Flags is taking the idea that people will recognize these comic book properties and want to dive into their parks to ride them.

Check out the Batman one:
  • It will have the world's first on-board magnetic technology so the ride can flip head-over-heels in six separate free-fly flips
  • Also a 4D wing coaster where passengers will face each other on the ride
  • The peak will be 120 feet tall, plus two beyond-90-degree raven drops, giving passengers a gnarly freefalling sensation
  • A Bruce Wayne/Batman themed queue line as you wait to ride one of 5 vehicles fitting up to 8 people each
The Justice League one sounds the most intriguing:
  • Passengers will line up in the queue and get instructions, 3D glasses, and a stun gun to help stop the bad guys
  • The storyline is deep: Lex Luthor and Joker team up to hack into Batman's computer to expose weaknesses to the other Justice League members
  • You get to fight along Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern to stop the world from succumbing to Joker's laughing gas
  • In what sounds more like Disneyland, riders get to interact with animatronic superheroes during the ride
  • Other features include high-tech vehicles that take riders on what appears to be a thrilling attraction
Will you be jumping on board at your closest Six Flags to check these uber rides out? Sound off below.

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