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Review: Storm #2 by Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez

Posted by Sean Hamilton Saturday, August 23, 2014
Storm #2 Cover Standard
Storm #2 Cover by Ibanez
"Thunder and lightning, very, very frightening…"

Okay, so Freddie Mercury wasn't singing about Storm in Bohemian Rhapsody, but still, the thought of someone being able to manipulate the weather on a whim does give some cause for concern. Especially if they use it to vent their frustrations.

In Storm #2 we see the ongoing exploration of Storm as an individual who is loaded with power but holding back due to her role as a queen, headmistress, and all-around mutant figurehead. It's time to cut loose a little.

Greg Pak picks up the theme of using the relationships Storm is involved with, both past and present, to explore her emotional state of mind. The early scene in Storm #2 with Wolverine and Storm in a bar, trying to enjoy some alone time, is touching and poignant given our knowledge of his impending demise. It is here though that we see Storm express overtly her desire to not be "pushed into anyone's box again." Storm is trying to find who she wants to be in this part of her life, and this seems to be what will drive the Storm series forward.

Interior Art for Storm #2 by Victor IbanezStorm, as a character, has been so many different people at different times that finding this sense of self will bring challenges. In Storm #2 this is made manifest when Storm goes searching for a missing young adult Angie.

With the help of Beast, who has some characteristic one liners, Storm tracks Angie through the subway only to stumble upon an old nemesis, Callisto. Because of the underground setting, we are reminded of Storm's dread fear of confined spaces and claustrophobia.

What ensues is Storm's discovery of a reformed Callisto, helping runaways by providing safe shelter. Storm is forced to rethink who Callisto is and the potential for change. You get a sense here that pride is an issue for Storm, not easily overcome.

Marevls Storm controls the weather
The art by Victor Ibanez retains the earthy feel from issue #1. This is obviously a visual link to Storm's African origin story. Ibanez does well to electrify the fight scene between Storm and Callisto and mixes well the use of panel decisions and layouts. There are subtle details that Ibanez has included (whether by direction for Pak or not, we cannot be sure) such as Storm's ear com-piece, which links back into the story a few pages later.

The potential is still there for Storm and from what information Pak has provided in interviews, the exploration of Storm's character and relationships with other key mutant figures will provide ample storylines for future issues. The impact of the Death of Wolverine series in September will have monumental ramifications for Storm because of the romance between the headmaster and headmistress of the Jean Grey School.

What did you like in this month's issue of Storm? How will the death of Wolverine impact Storm? Leave your comments below and come back next month for the build up to AXIS.

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