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Review: All New X-Men #29 by Bendis and Immonen

Posted by Sean Hamilton Friday, August 8, 2014
all new xmen 29 cover angel on motorcyle
Why fly when you can ride?
"Man, time travel gives me a headache" - Robert Drake (Iceman).

It seems that for the X-Men, if they cant get 'round it, can't go over, can't get under it, then just grin and bear it.

Well, it just keeps coming back for more. In issue 29 of All New X-Men, the future Brotherhood of Mutants has finally come back to finish what they started in the Battle of the Atom.

This has been teased and planned out for a while now and it seems nice to finally be getting back on track with this lingering story line.

The plot details nicely round out the key players from the future mutants and helps satisfy some questions left over from last years big X- event. However, I do feel stuck in a loop with young Xavier's never ending message to the future system.

It is also nice to see the character development of Warren (Angel) and Laura (X-23) by the issues end. This is quite intriguing. So to see them in next issue, along with the cover tease for issue 30, does expand the horizons again for the large ensemble that the writer, Brian Bendis, has to play with.

When you take into account the recent comments Bendis has made about the continued progress for stories in the X- universe through next year, it is evident that we can expect to see a lot more development for both characters and stories from this side of Marvel.

A comic is much more than just story, but the combination of words and pictures. So, what about the art for All New X-Men?

As evident from the images in this article, the art continues to show great pencil work from Stuart Immonen. The consistency and clean lines he brings to this series helps make it a main stay for the X-Universe books. The collaboration Immonen has with Bendis continues to support the story continuity as well.

all new x-men 29 battle scene with x-23
Marta Gracia's color hues bring drama to any battle.
However, I find the real sticking point with the art in this series is the combination of inker, art and colors. Wade von Grawbadger and Marte Gracia both bring excellent elements to All New X-Men in their own rights. The inking by von Grawbadger beautifully enhances the art of Immonen and Gracia's colors continue to be some of the best at Marvel. In issue 29, Gracia provides weight, character, and mood to the final story by using blues, purples and reds to subtly pull the direction of the page or panel. By using colors from similar positions in the spectrum, Gracia helps mold the speed of the story while still maintaining important visual triggers for the reader to react to with the appropriate emotion.

all new xmen 29 Jean Grey unleashes
Jean Grey unleashes, X-23 Snikkts.
All in all, All New X-Men 29 continues a strong run of art and story. This series is a consistent best seller for Marvel and the artists on point strut their stuff throughout. Long may it continue and the nasty rumors of X-Men cancellations finally be put to rest.

While I may a bit behind on reviewing this issue (I live on the other side of the world and it gets mailed from New York) with All New X-Men #30 out next week, let me know what you think.

Do you like the way the story is going? Does it need a pick me up?

With X-Men editor Mike Marts and Brian Bendis now beginning to talk up future X-Men related events, what do you hope could be in store for us?

Please leave your mark below in the comments!

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