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Review of Hamblin Comics
Raw creativity from Hamblin Comics
"You give up on your dreams when your fear out weighs your faith". The slogan of Hamblin Comics website says a lot about their approach as an independent comic publisher.

It is clear from the quotes by collaborating artists on the website that the driving force behind Hamblin Comics, Austin Hamblin is a young talent with a bright future.

This is evident from Hamblin's most recent publication, the self published The Adventures of Punk and Rock.

Issue #1 displays a good comic from a creator who is trying to find a balance in his work and an audience with a particular taste. As with a lot of independent comics produced, Punk and Rock pushes the boundaries in some aspects in both art and narrative.

This sort of creativity should not be stifled, but harnessed in a positive manner. Given this, Punk and Rock requires you to let go some sensibility and take a fresh look at what is alternative currently.

The story flows in a logical manner, although the placement of sequences could be enhanced with further editing to maximize the transition of pages or panels. A consistent use of full page panels, over layered with smaller inserts, is a stand out feature as a story mechanism, though at times this was distracting due to some panel placements.

The art by Scott Twells is whimsical as it balances a "bad assery" approach to a couple of anti-hero characters with a rough and ready manner. Heavy brush strokes in the water color style offsets the dialogue in the script with a softness that tries to balance the content. Twells creative approach to depicting alien beings as protagonists is cute.

The story itself, penned by Hamblin, is pretty clear cut. The interaction between the 'narrator', Snarky, and the other characters is a refreshing touch to lift the progress of the story along. There are even aspects where attempts are made at 'breaking the fourth wall'.

Overall, the comic has potential to grow, so keep an eye out in the future for this and further work from Hamblin Comics on the website ( Check them out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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