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New Super Smash Brothers Information: Including Character Reveal

Posted by Kym Pressley Thursday, August 14, 2014
After revealing 36 unique characters, creating a over a dozen videos, hosting multiple tournaments, and building anticipation for Super Smash Bros, Nintendo isn't done yet. Today there was yet another veteran character revealed. It is none other than the captain of the Battleship Halberd, the sinister yet oddly adorable, Meta Knight.

Meta Knight promotional image facing off against Kirby
An Epic Rivalry - Image from

Pitt selecting a level in Classic Mode for Super Smash Bros 3DS
Pitt Choosing a Path - Image from
This isn't all Nintendo has released on the website. In addition, they've added a little tutorial in the "How to Play" section and introduced two solo modes for the 3DS: classic and stadium. Classic mode is your arcade mode where you fight readily waiting NPCs. It's very similar to the original and Super Smash Brothers: Melee games. However, in this iteration, there are branching paths so you can choose who you fight. These aren't always simple 1 vs 1 matches. Occasionally, you'll run into the 1 vs 3,  2 vs 2 (with an NPC on your side), 1 vs group, and special battles that were also in the original and Melee. Winning these battles grants you gold, trophies, and custom parts. Custom parts can be equipped on your character to alter their stats. You can use gold to increase or decrease the difficulty of this mode, however, higher intensity earns you better drops.

Stadium mode is similar to the Melee version where you have different mini-games to play. The mini-games include Multi-Man Smash, Target Blast, and Home-Run Contest. The site goes into detail about the new mode, Target Blast. You start on a platform with a ticking time bomb. Your goal is to launch this bomb, with correct timing, into an area laden with targets. However, there are several obstacles, so getting your angling will be key. There are also exploding boxes which can be detonated by your bomb to maximize the area of effect.

Image of target blast minigame and points accrued
Destroying Targets - Image from

The final part of the reveal was a selection of stages. The 3DS and WiiU versions will share stages, but they will also have stages exclusive to each platform. In this reveal, 5 3DS exclusive stages were revealed along with 3 exclusive stages from WiiU and 3 shared stages. The stage reveal pages is also titled "Stages 1," so I'm thinking it's safe to assume that more will revealed as the release date approaches.

Rainbow Road stage from Mario Kart 7 for Smash Bros 3DS Exclusively
3DS Exclusive - Image from

Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7 returns to haunt me. Watch out for the karts. They'll add some hefty damage or send you flying.

Mario Galaxy stage for Smash Bros WiiU Exclusively
WiiU Exclusive - Image from
The Mario Galaxy stage has a tight environmental gravity. Jumping and the arc whose attacks send you flying will be impacted.

Boxing Ring stage from Punch Out for Smash Bros WiiU and 3DS

The Boxing Ring from Punch Out, which was featured in the WiiU Smash Tournament, sets the tone for the brutality that is bound to occur.

I'm looking forward to more Nintendo reveals, but mostly I just want it to come out already! The new stages look fun and the modes seem pretty interesting. Are there any stages from previous Smash Bros titles you wish to return? What about new stages based on Nintendo games? I'm personally hoping for something from Bayonetta 2.

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