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New Avengers: Age of Ultron Photos Released

Posted by Unknown Friday, August 29, 2014
Ready for some football?! No, wait. That's not right. Ready for some new, exciting Avengers: Age of Ultron pics?!? Oh yeah, we've got 'em right here. In addition to the images, we've got some commentary from yours truly, the resident comic book movie nerd here at Fanboys Anonymous. I'm making it my mission to provide the most comprehensive information out there on comic book films.

With Marvel dominating much in sight, we get some exciting pics on the upcoming Avengers sequel at a good time. Let's examine each one and do more than say what they are, but also postulate what it might mean for the story/film. I will speak of the characters only and not the actors playing them because I'm a comic books nerd and don't care about the actors in this context.

joss whedon director of the avengers franchise marvel movies
This first one shows director Joss Whedon and Hawkeye going over some stuff. First off, I love that Whedon is getting down with the action, showing Mr. Master Archer Hawkeye how it's done. Hawkeye has a new uniform that looks medieval in nature and I look for him to have a more active role in Age of Ultron. Whedon's script did a brilliant job of giving each member of the Avengers' team stuff to do in the first film, but I think Hawkeye was the only one that got the shaft somewhat. In fairness, the movie needed to have someone fall prey to Loki's machinations to show how dangerous he is, and Hawkeye was it.

tony stark robert downey jr mark ruffalo avengers film series
Next up is a duo I love dearly, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. What I like best about Stark is that his true persona is more interesting than his alter ego, Iron Man. He has serious skills, and the scenes in the first film with Dr. Banner were really interesting. These are the two serious brains on the team, and it's nice to see them working together to figure things out. All the characters have their roles. Hulk is the tank, similar to Thor, while Captain America is the leader and Stark and Banner in non-Hulk form do the science stuff. That's great. Science stuff is a technical term, so it may go over your head. Don't worry, just keep reading. I use even deeper words.

avengers age of ultron news for upcoming comic book filmThe last image released is of two new members on the team, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This is a different Quicksilver from the X-Men: Days of Future Past; some malarkey (that's a deep word) about the rights for the character wouldn't allow both studios to use him. I loved the DoFP guy and can't stand the actor here, but I'll reserve judgment until I see the film. Sorry, but he seems like a douche bag. Anyway, the destruction in the background is apparent, and maybe these two were called into action to help out the core team.

So there we go. What do people think of the images and the characters? How will Whedon weave his magic yet again next year? Sound off below.

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