Holy Spidey Films! Andrew Garfield Reportedly Signed To Play Spider-Man Until 2020 (RUMOR) | Fanboys Anonymous
Let's all understand that this is merely a rumor at this point and, for my money, a somewhat sketchy one at that. Andrew Garfield has reportedly signed on to play everyone's favorite Wall Crawler up until 2020 for a total of four more films. We know there is a Spider-Man film scheduled for 2018, The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and it's still listed as starring Andrew Garfield in the title role. It will be directed by Marc Webb, the hack who directed the last two, but it's now reported that there will be a Spidey film in 2015 as well.

J. Jonah Jameson Spider-Man Sam RaimiWhoa. This is also after Sony stated they will have a spin-off film featuring a female villain sometime in 2017. This comes after the switch of having ASM3 in 2016 replaced by the Sinister Six film. Good grief. Sony is as bad as DC! They need to get their act together before this franchise runs off the rails completely. It's getting convoluted and messy. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see Toby Maguire's name bandied about. Maybe he wants back in in the role. Garfield is also reported to be in on a profit sharing deal with the studio.

The Daily Star is claiming Columbia Pictures is saying now that Garfield is set to reprise his role in this 2015 film. What is this? Could it be a cameo in some other spin off Spider-Man film? No one knows at this point. If there are four more films total, then they are going the Avengers' film route yet again by tying up their star for a bigger contract over multiple films outside the main series. Each main member of the Avengers' team signed nine picture deals. Of course, that happened right at the beginning since Marvel knows what they are doing and had a solid long term plan. Sony seems to be making it up as they go. Take all this with the proverbial grain of salt considering the source.

Is this is a good thing or bad thing for the franchise? Do we want more Garfield or another reboot? Sound off below.

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