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HBO and Paramount to Develop TV Show Based on Shutter Island

Posted by Unknown Thursday, August 28, 2014
Some exciting news for fans of the psychological thriller Shutter Island, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leo DiCaprio. The creepy, atmospheric mind trip is getting switched over into TV series mode and looks like it might be promising. Scorsese is set to direct at least some of the episodes (wow!), and the author of the novel upon which the movie was based, Dennis Lehane, is penning the pilot's script.

The film, a twist on the criminal drama with DiCaprio playing opposite Mark Ruffalo, follows along a mysterious path of half truths, frightening omens, and potential madness. It had a solid cast, and although most consider it a lesser Scorsese picture, I think a TV series set before the events of the film (a prequel expounding on the origins of the island hospital the film centers on) has tons of potential.

shutter island new tv series in the works from director martin scorseseThus far, it looks as though it may be a bit of a American Horror Story clone, and that sounds great to me. The film was nice mix of suspense, horror, and human drama. Lehane is not only a best selling novelist but also is fast becoming a hot commodity in the script writing business. He has penned some episodes for the hit show Boardwalk Empire, and if the quality of that show is any indication, Shutter Island looks to be a hit in the making.

So is anyone else excited to see Scorsese do it up on the small screen? Does this show have potential? Sound off below.

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