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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Gets His Pick of Which DC Character to Play

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, August 20, 2014
As if The Rock didn't have enough things to be thankful for, here comes another reason for him to be loving life. Not only is he buff and all that and has fans around the world, Johnson is a former world heavyweight champion in wrestling and also is one of the top box office draws in Hollywood right now. As Marvel and DC square off (you like that wrestling reference I threw in?) in the cinematic ring, both studios attempt to pick up as much A-List talent as possible, and now Johnson gets his pick of what role to play in an upcoming film.

Captain Marvel Dwayne Rock Johnson Black Adam
In their latest move, DC has given Johnson the choice between two characters: either play the hero Shazam or his arch enemy Black Adam. To make it short and direct, Shazam is like Superman and Black Adam is simply a dark version of him. That's it. They have the same exact powers. Listen, comics, especially DC from their early days, were very simple when they first started. There was very little complexity built in; that came later with Marvel. Sorry, but DC is mainly Batman and Superman and little else. The rest of the bunch are either clones like these two or lame like Aquaman.

So what will Dwayne Johnson pick? He looks more like Black Adam in build, and since it is more fun to play bad guys, I think he may pick that. Plus, he's had little chance to be a main villain in many of his films, so why not? The only downside is that if he is the villain in one film, Johnson is less likely to come back because it is usually the good guy that returns in the sequel to fight another bad guy. Either way, I think he'll totally kill it big time. The guy is a beast.

So who will he choose and what will this mean for the future of DC's cinematic universe, such as it is? Will Johnson bring his A-game to the role? Sound off below.

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