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All-New X-Men Take an Ultimate Ride

Posted by Sean Hamilton Monday, August 18, 2014
Marvels All New X-Men 32 preview
All-New X-Men #32 preview by Mahmud Asrar
Is there anywhere the All-New X-Men haven't been yet?

The present, the past, the future—the young group of mutants have been all over time, so why not next spend some time in a new dimension?

That's just what will happen when Brian Bendis and Mahmud Asrar take the team to visit the Ultimate side of Marvel in All-New X-Men #32.

Bendis has been involved with Ultimate universe since it started in 2000 with Ultimate Spider-Man and is still going with Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man. Bendis has been waiting for such an opportunity to merge the two parallel universes, stating "I'm very exited about this because this is the kind of story we've been holding back on for many years." The writer seems charged about this opportunity, stressing the emotional aspects it can bring to the story.

I personally haven't had a lot to do with the Ultimate universe, mostly through my own ignorance, so this will be a treat to see the two meld together. I fell for the All-New X-Men from its inception, mostly due to the unique story narrative this presented. This has continued strong, and the character-driven episodes throughout the series so far drive home an emotional journey of development that would seem to fit well with the Mile Morales story.

Mahmud Asrar All New X-Men 32
All-New X-Men #32 interiors
Not to let the moment pass, Bendis keeps teasing his audience: “People are scared that the All-New X-Men may not leave the Ultimate Universe—they might not…. We’re writing dangerous and that makes us happy. It also makes people frustrated, but that’s the good part. That’s the fun part. You don’t want them having parties all the time. It’s the drama" (

Helping to bring the drama to life, Mahmud Asrar is picking up the artist reins. It will be the second issue after Asrar comes on board, however, having already seen his work on earlier fill in issues, this should be a smooth transition from the preceding art of Stuart Immonen. Checking out the preview art (left), there doesn't seem to be any sight of the young Cyclops, who will still be playing pirate with this dad Corsair in his self-titled series.

It is great to see innovation within the story dynamics. Bendis is playing to his strengths in a refreshing way. Owing to his expansive role within the Marvel publication line up, the story crossover can take naturalized path, with the writer helming both titles involved.

What do you hope to see in this new dimension of the story? Will we see Miles Morales join the All-New X-Men's side of things and possibly land in the Spider-verse event? Check out the Marvel announcement. This all comes together on September 10, but in the meantime leave your comments below and keep coming back for more X-Men reviews in the coming weeks.

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