X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Juggernaut - What Might Have Been | Fanboys Anonymous
At a panel at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed by X-Men: Days of Future Past that writer Simon Kinberg had originally put my favorite X-Men villain Juggernaut in the prison break scene instead of Quicksilver. Now look, before I get started on my bitching and moaning about them changing it, let it be known I freaking loved that scene with Quicksilver in the prison where they freed Magneto. It was a highlight of a great film. "Whip. Lash!" Super cool, super funny.

X-Men: DOFP Quicksilver scene Pentagon Sexy Hugh Jackman ShirtlessThen again, Juggernaut is the supreme badass of all time in the X-Men's rogues gallery. I love him. It's a character that seems simple at first glance; he just smashes stuff, right? Once Juggernaut gets rolling, nothing on this Earth can stop him. In the comics he was unstoppable and oftentimes the poor X-Men were outmatched and overwhelmed whenever he showed up. He's almost impossible to deal with on a physical level, and thus they were forced to beat him some other way, using their impressive teamwork and Charles Xavier's leadership skills.

Speaking of Professor X, Juggernaut, AKA Cain Marko, is Charles' stepbrother. See, there is some depth to this character; he and Charles have a history that has yet to be explored on film. The Juggernaut appears in X-Men 3: The Last Stand but there is no mention of his relationship with Professor X or the fact he is not a mutant. Lame. Can we all be honest for a second here? Good. The only reason Bryan Singer changed this prison break scene (right in the middle of production for Days of Future Past!) was because he was butt hurt about what Bret Ratner did in The Last Stand.

Sexy Shirtless Hugh Jackman Wolverine Star of X-Men FranchiseThat's the truth, and everyone knows it. Luckily it worked out, because Singer is a talented director and the scene with Quicksilver was fantastic, but as a huge fan of Juggernaut I would have killed to see him smash up everything in sight. I'm not the biggest fan of The Last Stand, but it's okay overall; there are some good things about the film. However, the wasted opportunity they failed to see with Juggernaut tears at me. How the hell do you not have he and Colossus duke it out at some point?! I mean, c'mon! That would have been awesome, but we got nothing.

While I enjoyed the scenes with Quicksilver in Days of Future Past, it felt like another missed opportunity for the character of Juggernaut. Quicksilver also felt a bit shoehorned-in to me. Wolverine just happened to know some guy that could help them? Just like that? Sure, whatever, it's a comic book movie, I can give them some leeway for things like that; it was an awesome film, franchise continuity issues aside. It reinvigorated the series, and I can't wait for X-Men: Apocalypse to hit theaters in 2016.

So as great as Quicksilver was, is there anyone that would have loved to see Juggernaut instead? Should the character make an appearance in the next film?

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