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As we push forward to San Diego Comic-Con International (it's a mouthful, isn't it?), we have some interesting news about the future of the Avengers' series, namely that of Robert Downey Jr.'s possible return as Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. (henceforth RDJ) stated in an interview that "It's down to Kevin (Feige, Marvel Studios president) and Ike (Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel Entertainment) and Disney to come to us with what the proposal is, and that's on us to agree or disagree."

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What does this mean? It means show the money, Marvel, and you got me as Tony Stark for another go. I don't blame RDJ for striking while it hot, and Marvel films are the hottest thing around now. I wouldn't call him greedy either. He is being smart and shrewd. Is there anyone better to be Tony Stark in the world? Marvel knows what a incredible commodity they have in this Avengers group and that RDJ is the lynch pin to the whole thing.

There was a time during negotiations where RDJ argued on the side of the other actors, taking a role as a Daddy for the younger pups so they wouldn't get screwed over on their new contracts. That's pretty damn cool. Good for him. Marvel is notorious for being tightwads when it comes to paying actors in their films, so it's great a veteran like RDJ can step in and be demanding enough to get everyone what they deserve. If the cast of the film that had the largest weekend opening in history and is currently the 3rd highest grossing film ever made doesn't deserve a raise than I don't want to live in this world.

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After Iron Man 3's success it seemed like nothing could stop RDJ, and even though he said  he was probably done with the role, I'm glad to see him come back. Why the hell not, right? Let him do it until he keels over. The same with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Harrison Ford as both Han Solo and Indiana Jones. I'd watch Ford play Indy in a damn wheelchair, screw the haters. RDJ has earned the right to wear the suit for as long as he wants.

There's another quote from him where's it obvious that the man is confident (as he should be) but also understands the nature of the beast: "It's the thing of: Why give up the belt when it feels like you can barely get jabbed?" he said. "Most people are saying that right when they get knocked out." With previews of Avengers: Age of Ultron coming hot for Comic-Con this weekend, and the film expecting to be one of the highest grossers of 2015, what could be the biggest year for film ever, I see no potential knockout for RDJ or Marvel.

celebrities Robert Downey Jr suit photosForbes recently listed RDJ as the highest-paid actor for June 2012 to June of 2013. He made $75 million during that time. What's crazy is that during this time period he had no new films released. The Avengers was in theaters in 2012, sure, and Iron Man 3 was in 2013, but all that money came after the fact.

If he can ride two movies for that much cash-ola, of course he wants to continue as Iron Man! Who wouldn't want to? His Tony Stark is one of the best things about the series, and Marvel would be insane not to give him what he wants. They are making too much money now to stop.

So what does everyone else think? Is it a good idea for Robert Downey Jr. to return as Iron Man? Should Marvel park a truck full of cash in his front yard to get him back?

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