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Week in Geek: July 9th, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Thursday, July 10, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Brooding Image of Superman Released.

My take: I don't think "The Big Blue Boyscout" is going to remain dark and brooding in this movie, in contrast to Ben Affleck's Batman. However, to use this as a promotional image sets a completely wrong tone. After seeing a brooding Batman image last month, why are we getting a grumpy Superman? These two are about contrast! This was a week ago and it's talked about to death between you and your friends, I'm sure so hopefully Snyder gets the message.

Too Many Heroes in Dawn of Justice? Add Some Villains!

My take: Rumors now have the villain count jumping up to five for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In a movie already concerned with too many heroes, is adding more protagonists a good idea? If done properly, a two hour movie solely covering the relationship between Batman and Superman would sell like hotcakes. Keep in mind you've already got Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent and Laurence Fishburne as the voice of The Silver Surfer and you've got one packed movie.

I Saw 17 Mins. of Guardians of the Galaxy!

My take: Check out my night at IMAX for full details. It wasn't really hyped properly, it didn't feel like an "event" due to Disney's lacklustre presentation but the footage made up for it. It was just enough that you got into it and wanted so much more. It felt a little "acted" at first, characters going through their lines and set pieces but once that was established the action and humor took over. Looks like a very fun ride and I can't wait for August 1st!

Ant-Man Getting a Re-Write.

My take: Apparently the script is being re-worked in the wake of Edgar Wright leaving the project. This is good news, in that they aren't going to try to capture what Wright had in mind (and could exclusively deliver) and they'll be tailoring it more towards what they need to keep it synched in the MCU. Bitter sweet, for sure. I think after the film comes out, we'll be able to hear more about exactly what went on with this whole fallout.

Sharknado: The Second One.

My take: July 30th, your plans have been made.


Turtle Power: The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Netflix.

My take: I'm not sure if yo have this in the USA but we do in Canada. It's a great retrospect on the creation of the comic book, the animated series' and the movies. It includes handheld footage from the early days of when Eastman and Laird first started drawing. The biggest shock to me was I never realized James Avery was the voice of Shredder!

Robbie Amell (yes, Stephen's cousin) Added to The Flash.

My take: If you need a SPOILER ALERT, that was it.
Okay, still here?
Alright, so I'm a little nervous about the fact that he'll be playing a character as unbelievable as, one of my favorites of all time, Firestorm. His power is literally changing anything into anything, alchemy if you will. His ability is limited by his knowledge of the elements and I'm sure that will come into play to save on special effects. If the televised universe does turn out to be part of the cinematic universe, then you can color me excited.

Daredevil Starts Filming in New York.

My take: I don't want to know too much about the filming of this series. I've never heard much about the filming of Game of Thrones and never saw articles telling me where the camera crew for Breaking Bad was spotted. It never occurred to me that these TV series that will tie in to the MCU would be treated like movie sets.


Steve Rogers Loses His Title, Powers.

My take: We've seen this story before, too, haven't we? Steve Rogers loses the super soldier serum, Peter Parker loses his spider powers, Hawkeye runs out of arrows….it's an odd direction to go, considering it feels like he just returned from the dead. Also, spoiler, with Nick Fury revealed to have been aging all this time, we have two geriatric storylines going on at the same time? Marvel is about to gain a pile of readership from the release of Guardians of the Galaxy mixed with the hype of San Diego Comic-Con. They better have their ducks in a row, or a greater plan than I can see.

Guardians 3000 Series Announced.

My take: I'm excited to have Dan Abnett involved but with him and Andy Lanning not having touched the core team, or Nova, for so long, can lightning be captured again? I loved their 2008 run and even though I'm not familiar with these characters, I'll be checking this book out. I didn't know Mantis or Bug, either and I loved the hell out of their run.

Rick Remender in Hot Social Media Water.

My take: A scene that seemed to depict The Falcon having sex with a minor gave the haters fuel to urge Marvel to fire the writer. However, the point was heavily argued by fandom on both sides and clearer heads prevailed. The story did not, in fact, depict what they claimed but did have a bit of a grey area in that the character in question aged differently than humans. DC's Hal Jordan had a similar situation decades ago with Arisia, who was once a young teen and used her ring to age her. Hal then decided it was okay to sleep with her, which he did.

Watch out for this segment each and every Wednesday. We'll see you next week!

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