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Week in Geek: July 2nd, 2014

Posted by Jeff Penner Wednesday, July 2, 2014
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


I saw Transformers: Age of Extinction

My take: If only the title of the movie was representative of the film series. If I was 12, I would be in heaven at this movie; however, I am not. I'm in my 30s and Optimus Prime is one of my heroes, but this guy in the movie? That ain't Optimus Prime. So ^&%$ this movie. It's not that the source material was genius to begin with, but that was 1983, and we're smarter than that now. The comic books with the Transformers characters run on politics and character arcs. The original animated movie had better story and characters than this movie did and a plot that actually made sense. This movie was done almost half in post using ADR, and not a single character was given his or her due. Autobots that hate each other? That hate humans? I can't believe there are two more on the way. #rant

Marvel Considering Solo Hulk Movie

My take: I would be very interested to see what they could do with a solo film. With Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk comic book basically handing Marvel a plot thread, this film practically writes itself. I don't need to go on if you're willing to check out the book, but basically, Banner does research for S.H.I.E.L.D. and when he needs to "Hulk out," they point him at something and say "Smash". Simple. Genius.

Pacific Rim Gets a Sequel

My take: With a global take of only (only) $4 million, a sequel wasn't guaranteed for Guillermo del Toro. Legendary Pictures has finally concluded that giant robots fighting each other is a good moneymaker (where did they get that idea from?). As childish as it sounds, I felt the first film could have with more robot fights, and I hope the sequel delivers.

Clark Kent Photo Released for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

My take: Not to be "that guy," but if Clark Kent doesn't wear glasses, I'm probably going to kill somebody. He doesn't need to wear dark-rimmed "hipster" frames or anything, but it's a pretty big part of the lore and the deception (as minor as it is). It's also too bad that Superman is always mentioned as a big reason for why the Justice League forms, and we've only now just met him in one movie. He's had no time to shine or become the Christ-like, Boy Scout figure he's supposed to be.

Star Trek 3 Set in Deep Space

My take: The crew finally start their "5 year mission" in the next movie, and thank goodness. Get them away from the politics of the United Federation of Planets and Earth ASAP.

Exclusive Screening to Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX Footage

I have tickets to 17 minutes of the IMAX footage for Guardians of the Galaxy next week on Monday, July 7th. Expect an extremely excitable report after I get the pee stains out of my jeans.


Community Gets Season 6

My take: My love for "the little show that could" has been up and down over the years. The quality of the episodes and my love for the show are directly related to one another. However, news that Community has been granted a 6th season warmed my heart. As a performer, I'm happy everyone in the series gets to continue working on it. As a writer, I'm happy the writers are getting more freedom and another shot. As a man, I can't get enough of Alison Brie.

The Flash TV Show Premiere Episode

My take: I heard about this guy I know who's a friend of my cousin who met this guy's dad who worked on The Flash and saw the first episode online. This guy—who isn't me, it's a totally different person—so this guy I heard about who saw the pilot told my friend, who told me, that it was actually pretty decent. It has the huge potential for a freak-of-the-week format, which is what made Smallville unbearable after the first season. However, or so I hear, it makes a strong point that they have long-term plans for the character.

Sherlock Will Return With a Christmas Special & Season 4

My take: It's too bad that the very show that has Cumberbatch and Freeman so much in demand now isn't able to thrive due to scheduling. It's something that longtime BBC fans like myself are used to, as is the now-confirmed Christmas Special. When a show is worth the wait, it makes it so much easier to wait for.

DC/WB Hitting Up San Diego Comic Con

My take: Looks like Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, and Constantine will have heavy coverage at San Diego Comic Con this month. My local comic shop manager recently told me DC held a meeting with shop owners where they actually owned up to screwing up lately. They admitted it was pretty dumb to have Deathstroke (you know, the "terminator"?) all over Batman: Arkham Origins and Arrow without corresponding products for fans to pick up in-store. Notice the new solicitation this week for the new Deathstroke comic book ongoing series? That's why.

Hieroglyph Cancelled by FOX

My take: Money wasted on a series that FOX was probably hoping would rival Game of Thrones in the realm of scandal and intrigue. I suspect the DVD may come out of season one, fans will call it "not bad actually," and it will be back in production in no time!


New York Comic Con 4-Day Tickets Sell Out In 40 Minutes

My take: I have been to the better-known San Diego Comic Con three (3) times. The first time, in 2001, I had absolutely zero (0) issues getting tickets, accommodations, or entry into a single panel or event. The next trip, I think in 2006(?), it was a little more difficult. The most recent trip in 2012? Every single aspect of the trip was an absolute disaster. Getting tickets online was a nightmare, it took me 4 hours to get a pass for just myself. It looks like cons are growing in demand and New York City Comic Con is starting to get this way. My suggestion that helps the actual comics industry? Put advance ticket vouchers inside comic books.

Deathstroke Given New Ongoing Series

My take: As per above, DC recently held a conference with comic store owners and owned up to some laziness. They admitted it was pretty dumb to have Deathstroke all over Batman: Arkham Origins and Arrow without corresponding products for fans to pick up in-store. This new ongoing is in response to that and they hope to highlight the character properly this time around.

Mark Waid back at BOOM! for New Series

My take: I've loved Waid for eons; his run on The Flash is, to this day, my favorite. I couldn't get enough of Irredeemable & Incorruptible so I can't wait to see what he has cooking. I met him at a convention once, and he's a super nice guy to boot.


Harrison Ford Seen Walking with Prosthetic in UK

My take: Harrison Ford is as manly as they can get. He's been out and about, broken leg and all, with a peg leg so he can get from A to B. Rather than sit around like a lazy person, he's mobile and active, ready for action sooner than we think!

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