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The Factions Strategy Board Game Kickstarter

Posted by Anonymous Saturday, July 12, 2014
Limited Time Free Entries To Win Free Factions Game Hey Kickstarter big donors, it's been a while since I've sat down and wrote one of these bad boys. Generally I write about comic Kickstarters when I have the time, but this article pretty much just walked into my life as if it were meant to be. Know what I mean?

Anyway, recently, I was piecing together and promoting the page for my new Mixed Drinks drinking game, and I ran into a fellow game creator, the first man behind Theorycraft Gaming and the Factions game. One look at Factions and I knew it was going to be my next piece. Check out this quick video.

Free HD Factions Preview and Promo
Scope the Factions rules here!
Awesome Factions Game Art Prints
Scope Factions Free Accessories GiveawayYou saw it; a sci-fi strategy board game where the theme is war and the spoils are an overly mined planet. The mechanics of the game are semi-clear, but the creators, Ben Wolf and Matt Corenzwit, have been kind enough to give me their media release link complete with the full rules book. When you have time, look over the site and tell me what you think.

I asked Ben Wolf how the idea came up. His response:

"In short, I was traveling back east visiting some friends and family, and I was playing a new board game which I found to be utterly confusing. The mechanics were awful, and I couldn't understand how this was a popular game (out of respect for the publisher, I won't mention the title). My love of gaming and my creative drive led me to thinking about how much I would love to create my own game. When I came home, I got talking to a friend of mine, who explained in detail how Kickstarter worked. I quickly realized that this was a feasible venture!"
The Mummy: Art and Concepts
Scope the Factions Kickstarter here.

Science Fiction Strategy Game Factions: The Making ofIt may spark your interest to know this Kickstarter campaign jumps on the 11th. The rewards will be great.

The guys realize their expectations for this game are pretty grand. They are currently offering the base set for the factions game, and there are a ton of other ideas and features they like and intend to add. Let's hope, with a successful campaign, they can move forward and expand on the Factions Universe!

Set your wheels down on Factions, the greatest strategy board game on Earth, and while you're at it, fly over Mixed Drinks: The Ultimate Drinking Card Game and tell me what you think downstairs in the comments.

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