SDCC '14: Daniel Radcliffe Wears Spider-Man Costume to Blend in with the Crowd | Fanboys Anonymous
Harry Potter's Spider-Man outfit Daniel Radcliffe costumeOkay, so I now love Daniel Radcliffe. Yes, I have a mini man crush on the kid. At the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, the former Harry Potter star showed up wearing a Spider-Man outfit. We walked the floor in the costume, saying later in an interview he did it so he could enjoy the convention and not be swarmed by fans in his first appearance at the annual convention of all things geek. How cool is that?

That's pretty awesome on his part. Radcliffe is a true fan of geek culture. Hell, he's such a big part of thanks to his role as Harry Potter he is as much a part of geek culture as Mark Hamil's Luke Skywalker or Ford's Han Solo. Harry Potter is a nerd icon. Perhaps Radcliffe did this as a stunt to help promote and bump up his own film Horns coming out later this year in October but who cares? It's really great he is able to embrace his inner geek and be there amongst the other fans.

It's also nice to see Mr. Harry Potter keeping busy with new films, too. Radcliffe seems to be liking the horror genre as well, with what I thought was a solid film in The Woman in Black from a couple years ago plus the aforementioned Horns, about a man that wakes up with two horns on his head. He is also set to star as Igor in the upcoming 2015 film Victor Frankenstein, a re-imagining that will focus on the humpbacked assistant instead of the the Monster. Maybe Potter boy will break free of his ultimate nerd label with these more macabre films.

Or is this Spidey donning act by Radcliffe further proof Harry Potter will always be a geek? Was it cool or just a stunt to promote another film? Let me know down below in the comments section.

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