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Review of Pale Dark Comic by Chuck Amadori and Ruvel Abril

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, July 20, 2014
Okay readers, I've set my eyes upon yet another exceptionally odd (in a good way) comic. The feeling in Chuck Amadori's Pale Dark is very eerie but definitely begins in a very similar way to his Tether comic. Rather than young females being held captive for purposes of coliseum-based economics, the Pale Dark comic series begins with a young man incarcerated for reasons beyond his grasp and especially beyond ours. It takes a little more reading to get beyond the interview room.

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In the interrogation room, this young man is being less than cooperative, screaming at his captors about his rights and freedom. If you are trying to get a hold on the situation, think of a young smartass from a Dick Wolf Production, a man who thinks he has the upper hand. After a vague interview, he is informed that he, in fact, has no rights any longer and, of course, is the property of his captors. Who are his captors?

Free Youtube Presentation: Chuck Amadori's Pale Dark HD FlickMoving on, he is thrown into a cell with a man who has lost most of his marbles and another who seems to know the ropes quite well. He is given a simple piece of advice. There's one rule in this shadowed, godforsaken place, only one thing you can do to survive at least a little bit longer. There will be torture, and when there is, "Don't Scream." Simple, right?

From here, the half-baked plan to escape develops. One can only stand torture for so long, but the problem is that escape might not be so easy. Where is this dark and unsettling place? Perhaps he is in an underground fortress, deep beneath foreign soil. How could he even escape this room?

The great thing about Chuck Amadori's Pale Dark (something I didn't know, but maybe you did): It was a short film at one time, perhaps intended to be something of a series eventually.One does the best one can with what one has. The films just didn't have the backing to carry them. Years later the title was revisited; once again, the financing was too overwhelming, but as a comic perhaps it will have the juice. Chuck Amadori and Isle2 certainly have my backing. The comic drew me in. It definitely piqued my interest enough for a revisit to the title, and I will for sure. Tell me what you think downstairs.

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