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Review of Koko Takes a Holiday by Kieran Shea

Posted by Anonymous Sunday, July 13, 2014
Readers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and lovers of everything that is all that it can be. I recently took an order for review from A. Mango, the owner and CEO of our badass little site here, strictly based on description. It was a uniquely described work called Koko Takes a Holiday. In short, Koko is a young retired mercenary in a world where corporations are the governing bodies. Surely you can imagine what that would be like. As a retiree, she has time on her hands for leisure, running a pleasure resort, and pimping male prostitutes. Yes, you read correctly, she's a pimp, hard at work. This, in combination with other subtle descriptions led me to look into into it. Was this a comedy?

Koko, Brothel Madam/ Sexy PicsImagine this, because this is how the introduction hit me: A commercial opens up on the old window to the world. It's a beautiful day and clouds are rolling. The land is lush and jungle like. Waterfalls cascade from high cliffs and form exotic pools of water. That's just the scenery outside. Inside, there are resorts, one after another. Pick your poison of pleasure. You can slaughter your boss on the old simulator; have sexual encounters of the most disgusting sort, digital or otherwise; or for people of simpler taste, maybe just hunt big-game dinosaurs or perhaps stop by Koko's bar and have a lusty time with one of her boys. FYI, Koko Takes a Holiday was not a comedy.

While running her little resort bar and "treat," some unwelcome patrons begin to make a scene. They are of the wild sort, probably there to slaughter dinosaurs—or slice up other paying customers. Who knows? But they walked into the wrong tavern with their abysmal animalisms. Koko is always ready for someone to pull out a weapon and start making demands. In fact, you might say she has an itch that keeps her waiting for such a time.

One thing leads to another, and she unloads on the patrons, regains control, feeds them to the local wildlife, makes sure her boy-toys clean up the mess, and gets quickly back to her liquor and lounging. Tomorrow will be a new day, when her supervisors show up and give her a slap on the wrist for dealing with customers in such a fashion. I know, I know, you're thinking I'm telling the entire story, but this is all just the beginning. The discussion with corporate gets out of hand and leads to a landslide of action, violence, and more insane storyline you will not believe.

Sexy Koko-Girl W/ Blue Hair Art Prints

Just when you thought you had read it all!

Koko is wild. She takes life moment by moment, savors slaughter life by life, and ends existences one at a time. The bitch with the blue hair is for sure an alpha, but is the definite omega; stop at the line and make a direct change of direction to the afterlife. I'm so excited by the this book that I wrote my first review, this one, that contains foul language. Read Koko takes a Holiday and tell me what you think downstairs. You won't regret it! Scope my new game.

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