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Review: Cyclops #3 by Ruck and Dauterman

Posted by Sean Hamilton Thursday, July 31, 2014
Cyclops 3 Review Rucka, Dauterman, Lozano Marvel Space Opera
Relax son, what could go wrong? -
Alexander Lozano Cyclops #3 Cover
Who didn't want to be a pirate. No wait, an astronaut. Hang on, both, together, at the same time. Like your dad, right!

Oh, its a pirates life for me, arrrgh. Well, maybe not in quite the swashbuckling sort of way. Nonetheless, adventure calls and Cyclops #3 is delivering.

Greg Rucka's story continues to develop the unfolding nuances of how navigating a father to teenage son relationship can be. This is set in the background of crashing space ships and hidden secrets. However, it is given room to bloom in a semi-natural way. The path of discovery can be murky, but Cyclops shows the quiet determination and grit that has been developed in this character for decades. It is the ability to readily accept his circumstances and move on, that makes Cyclops likeable in this incarnation.

Rucka has begun to show the interesting dynamic of relationships he is known for in other work. This underlying theme in the series has a relevance to any time that makes the story familiar for readers. There is jarring from the narrative, but just sit back and enjoy the ride through space with father and son.

For Cyclops #3, when it comes to the art, you are hit in the face by the amazing cover of Alexander Lozano just by picking up any of any issue of the series. Lozano's cover art does everything it should. It grabs you and makes you want to open the book up and read. I don't want to appear to be playing things up here, but once you do flick between the pages, Russell Dauterman provides a visual landscape that is mesmerising. It has a fun playful colour palate provided by Chris Sotomayer that beautifully enhances the line work. This is a comic full of imagery that seamlessly sells you on nearly every page.
Cyclops #3 inside art pink space Dauterman colours Sotomaya
Space IS Pink, right?

Given this, it is not surprising my reaction to the SDCC '14 panel, Marvel's Next Big Thing announcement of the change of creative team for this book made me pucker up for a moment. I know change can be a good thing, but with such a wonderful series so far, I hope the new team of John Laymen (Chew) and Javier Garron (Bat Girl) continue this feast for the eyes. Despite the changes coming in October with Issue #6, by looking at some of Garron's previous work, it is quite complimentary with Dauterman, so the transition may go well.

This series is just fun to readit is a space adventure at the right time and place. With Guardians of the Galaxy opening in theaters around the world over the next week, who doesn't want more space-opera to fill the need Marvel has created. I cant wait for the next issue, coming out very soon (next week even!).

I know I've gushed a little on this review, but I really enjoy reading this title. It reminds me just what a good comic can do and lose you in the covers. Let me know if you enjoyed it also (or not) down below.

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