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Review: Chocolate Chocolate Moons by Jackie Kingon

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Readers. As you all know, I am The Fan of Nonsense…If there ever was one. Personally, I feel the world wouldn't be much without it. It is, in my opinion, already mundane and practically eventless. I suspect it's the reason the joke was invented to begin with. Who knows, but I can say that my tastes tend to lean toward sci-fi/fantasy/action books rather than light comedic/light sci-fi. So, it may come as a surprise when I announce that recently I read through the pages of a comedic gem written by Jackie Kingon, an obviously intelligent woman/teacher/artist/author.
New York Times Jackie Kingon

From the onset, Chocolate Chocolate Moons becomes a book that you know you will, if not directly, then eventually finish. Ever since I read the Damon Runyon Omnibus, somewhere around 14 years ago, I've always wanted to pick something up that was just as clever. I'm certain this is it. Although the writing styles differ, in that the DRO is more of an adult Catcher in the Rye, it hit me with the same brick of intelligent writing and shenanigans.

Chocolate Chocolate Moons is a book brimming with misguided reasoning, insanely inaccurate historical references, and quirky characters. I must admit, I was not initially sucked in, but the unending wordplays were a treat that I could not help but gorge myself on, which is almost a trait I share with the main character of this book.

Molly is an eater. Everyone else in the galaxy? Not so much. Picture this: It's far into the future; take your pick of what planet you might want to live on. The gravity of these varying planets has changed the physiques of the modern human into something of a stick, and health supplements have become a part of every person's daily life. The short story? She is looked at through disgusted eyes, but she has a platter of other issues considering her favorite candy, "Chocolate Chocolate Moons" has been putting folks into comas. It must be time to go rogue detective.

This book was the most cleverly written nonsense I have ever read, packed to the brim with funny events, silly remarks, and a pretty ridiculous Schrodinger Box joke that made me smile for the better part of the night. While I still prefer to read sci-fi/fantasy of a much more masculine persuasion, it goes, though not without saying, I would definitely read Jackie Kingon's work again, because life is too short not to laugh, and she is an author  lhooves to make me laugh.

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