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July's Most Worthy Unique Comic Campaigns On Kickstarter

Posted by Anonymous Monday, July 28, 2014
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The first campaign, Chess, is a story is about a young girl and a wildly imagined world. The girl, named Elise, comes into the possession of a mystical tome and gets transported into this world, Newland.

This is complicated place of wondrous magic, action, adventure, and conflict. It's also a place the girl would like to someday, sooner than later, hopefully escape. Before that, she has to learn to survive it someway or another. In the spirit of Spirited Away and Alice in Wonderland, she is pitted in situations of side-taking.

Chess Comic Free HD Kickstarter videoThe best part about this comic is that it was written from the mind of a seven-year-old childbedtime stories that turned into a saga about a young girl trapped and alone. Unless you hate children, drop by and donate to the Kickstarter Campaign.

Black and White Holocaust Comic Art

Simply enough, this second campaign, Soviet, is what the artist and writer says it is; memoirs of this young woman's grandmother, written from her grandmother's personal writings, only with a fictional twist. Born in 1910, this poor Jewish woman survived many a war and then lost nearly her entire family during the Holocaust.

In the spirit of a well-known southern film from decades ago (guess it if you can), this woman's get-up-and-go is unmatched. She teaches herself to read, supports her family with back-breaking work, and joins the communist party. She works her way up to secretary status for the NKVD (pre-KGB), a volunteer nurse during World War II, and a sergeant in the Red Army. Lola passed away long ago, but you can read the memoirs complete with the beautiful art of her grandaughter. Definitely drop in on the Kickstarter and help out.

The third most worthy comic campaign? Welcome to A Softer Apocalypse. The world is slowly depleting. Wear and accelerated tear are tearing the Earth down, epic economic collapse is a given, disease is a wilfire. What do we do now? The population are evolved; some super-heroes are among us. They could help or hurt, but help is unlikely, not because they can't, but because their powers are more harmful than hurtful. Each day is less than definitely going to lead into the next. What would you do? Would you collaborate with those around you and try to extend the future for as long as you can, or run and scream in frenzy. A Softer Apocalypse favors the softer, more kind side of humanity. Scope the vid and check out the Kickstarter. Tell me what you think downstairs.


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