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If Game of Thrones has become infamous for anything, it would be the show's shameless ability to kill characters constantly. Nameless extras die by the hundreds, but even the most major of characters are not safe from writer George R.R. Martin's wrath. Lest we forget the moment that shocked the world when Ned Stark was beheaded at the end of season 1, even though he was positioned as the star of the show throughout the entirety of it.

Season 4 may have had the highest body count yet for the series. With tensions running higher than ever in the Seven Kingdoms, a major battle at The Wall, and the looming threat that winter is coming, people are dropping like flies. For an in-depth recap of the entire season and all future episodes, be sure you're checking out Sand & Snow: A Game of Thrones Podcast here on Fanboys Anonymous.

With death being such a major theme, it's only appropriate that we determine which one viewers liked the most. Therefore, we've created a single-elimination tournament to figure that out by allowing you the fans to vote! We've already voted through one part of the first round, let's keep rolling to the next!
Oberyn Martell (2) - Bye

Oberyn Martell was only with us for a short time, but perhaps gained admiration faster than any other new character. From his first episode he appeared as a suave yet tempered warrior with a displeasure for Lannisters; an easy way to win the hearts of many viewers. His finest moment came when Tyrion seemed without hope to find someone to represent him in the trial by combat. Oberyn entered Tyrion's dark jail cell and heroically proclaimed, "I will be your champion." While Oberyn's motivation was more fueled by revenge, Tyrion was grateful nonetheless. However, during the fight Oberyn becomes cocky and refuses to kill until he gains a confession from his opponent, "The Mountain" Sandor Clegane; a man responsible for the rape and murder of his sister and her children. The Mountain takes advantage of this and finds himself the victor in the end. Oberyn receives his confession, but while also receiving two eyeballs full of thumbs and a splitting headache courtesy of Clegane's mighty hands. This left us with a fallen hero, Tyrion sentenced to death, and millions of broken hearts worldwide.
Shae (7) vs. Peasant Girl (26)

Tyrion Lannister began the series a man who loved no woman more than a good whore. Shortly before entering his first battle, he met one named Shae who would end up capturing his heart. Their love grew quickly, but they had to remain secret or else Tyrion's family would likely cause them harm. Unfortunately, things got even more complicated when Tyrion's father had him arranged to be married to Sansa Stark. The break-up was not a pleasant one. Tears were shed, faces were slapped, and in the end Shae testified against Tyrion during his trial for the murder of King Joffrey. However, this was nothing compared to when Tyrion escaped from his cell and found her lying in his father's bed. She made the first move to attack, but Tyrion didn't hesitate to defend himself and release his frustrations. He wrapped a blanket around her and didn't release her until all movement had ceased. Shae now knows the answer to "where do whores go?"

Episode two of the season started off with this twisted scene of Ramsey Snow, his bedwarmer Myranda, Reek, and two hounds hunting in the woods. The game? A scared, crying young blonde girl. Ramsey calls out "if you make it out of the woods, you win!" while shooting arrows in her direction. Before long, they catch up to their prey with an arrow in her leg. Myranda wishes to give the killing blow, but Ramsey says his dogs deserve the pleasure. After a short explanation of his motivations, he sics his hounds on her while Reek winces to the sound of her screams and tearing flesh.

Shae vs. Peasant Girl

Rast (23) vs. The Scythe (10)

Rast had a reputation of being a bully at The Wall. When the mutiny at Craster's Keep happened, he was quick to turn his back on the brothers of The Night's Watch. While he did enjoy a warm shelter, unlimited wine, and plenty of Craster's daughters to force as his playthings; he chose the wrong side. Jon Snow and a band of brothers are sent to dispatch of the mutineers. Rast was fortunate enough to avoid a blade being put through him, but he was not as lucky to avoid the fangs of Ghost, Jon's pet dire wolf, who had been imprisoned and abused during the mutiny.

The scythe on The Wall was one of the coolest effects done on the show. Ever! While we know The Night's Watch exists to defend The Wall, we've never seen much action from them in doing so. They were finally tested when Mance Raider and his wildling army attacked from both sides. They had mammoths, giants, and climbers to fight and employed many unique defense tactics to do so. None of them were was glorious as the scythe that cut climbers right in their paths.

Rast vs. The Scythe

Locke (15) vs. Styr (18)

Locke made a name for himself when he cut off Jamie Lannister's hand in season 3. Sworn to House Bolton, he now was tasked to head north to find the remaining sons of Ned Stark. He joined the Night's Watch undercover and accomplished part of his mission when he found Bran at Craster's Keep. He attempted to sneak Bran away during the battle between the Night's Watch and the mutineers; however, he underestimated Bran as nothing but a small crippled boy. Bran used his super-power and worged into his simpleton giant friend Hodor. He grabbed Locke by his neck and choked him until his neck snapped so violently that the skin was lacerated as well. Hodor fans rejoiced.

The wildlings are almost unanimously looked at as barbaric savages by the common folk of Westeros. Now, imagine the kind of people that they would consider barbaric savages. Those folks are the Thenns, a race of cannibals that team with the wildlings in their mission to head south of The Wall. We only really get to know one of them, Styr, the magnar (lord) of the Thenns. During the battle at The Wall, he confronted Jon Snow during combat. He gained the upper hand at first, but Jon Snow put the hammer down and survived another night himself. Styr, on the other hand, did not get to enjoy a belly full of crow that evening.

Locke vs. Styr

Every Death of Season 4 Game of Thrones Montage

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