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If Game of Thrones has become infamous for anything, it would be the show's shameless ability to kill characters constantly. Nameless extras die by the hundreds, but even the most major of characters are not safe from writer George R.R. Martin's wrath. Lest we forget the moment that shocked the world when Ned Stark was beheaded at the end of season one, even though he was positioned as the star of the show throughout the entirety of it.

Season four may have had the highest body count yet for the series. With tensions running higher than ever in the Seven Kingdoms, a major battle at The Wall, and the looming threat that winter is coming, people are dropping like flies. For an in-depth recap of the entire season and all future episodes, be sure you're checking out Sand & Snow: A Game of Thrones Podcast here on Fanboys Anonymous.

With death being such a major theme it's only appropriate that we determine which one viewers liked the most. Therefore, we've created a single-elimination tournament to figure that out by allowing you the fans to vote!
Joffrey Baratheon (1) - Bye

Joffrey Baratheon Death Scene from The Purple Wedding

Joffrey Baratheon was one of the most despised on-screen characters in television history. His death was something show-watchers begged for; and book-readers couldn't wait for. On what should have been one of the most celebrated occasions in Westeros, a royal wedding, Joffery was poisoned in front of everybody and died quivering in his mother's arms. Viewers wasted no time celebrating and lit social media ablaze with cheers of "Ding dong, the bitch is dead!" This happened early in the season and set the tone for the rest of it to come. As such, it's easy to give him the first seed and allow him a bye into the second round.

Polliver (17) vs. Head Into Own Blade Guy (16)

Arya Regians Needle and Stabs Polliver Full SceneThe Hound Fucking Chicken Full Scene

After becoming The Hound's prisoner, Arya and he came across an old tavern where she recognized a few faces from her past, namely Polliver, a man responsible for torturing and murdering countless people including her friend Lommy. Perhaps more offensive to her is that he had possession of her cherished sword, Needle. After a scuffle over some chickens, she reclaims Needle from the fallen Polliver and takes sweet satisfaction as she slowly pierces his throat.

During this same altercation, The Hound participated in the brunt of the action. Numerous nameless people felt his brutality, but none of them came off worse than the poor guy who was forced to head-bang right into his own blade. While this kill felt less triumphant than Arya's, it certainly was more gruesome.

Polliver vs. Head In Own Blade Guy

Craster's Baby (9) vs. Masters of Meereen (24)

White Walker Steals Craster's Baby Full SceneKill the Masters Full Scene

The White Walkers have been teased on the show since the very first scene of season one. However, they've still remained largely a mystery. One of the more interesting parts of the story was Craster and his sacrificed babies. Why did he do it? Who was taking them? And why did he believe he was invincible because of it? We finally got a glimpse deeper at whats going on when a white walker takes Craster's final baby, a "gift for the gods," and brings it to a frozen fortress. Once there, another white walker takes the baby in his arms; gently touches its face; and sends a cold chill through its body, turning its eyes bright blue. While this even being considered a death may be debatable, there's no debate that this sent the entire community ablaze with conversation and provided a new look at the nebulous creatures of the way north.

Daenarys has attained many titles during her ascension to power. One of them that she takes the most pride in is "Breaker of Chains," proclaiming her as a symbol of freedom and hope for slaves all across the continent of Essos. Her biggest target this season was Meereen, a city ingrained in the traditions of the slave-master relationship. After breaching the city walls to find the underbelly where the slaves were quartered, her soldiers gifted them with weapons and the motivation to stand up to take their own freedom. And take it they did under the proclamation of "kill the masters."

Craster's Baby vs The Masters

Ser Dontos Hollard (25) vs. Jojen Reed (8)

Littlefinger Kills Ser Dontos Hollard Full SceneJojen Reed Death Full Scene

Ser Dontos actually came very close to death way back in season two after showing up drunk at King Joffrey's name day ceremony. Joffrey did not appreciate this and ordered him to be suffocated with the wine that he loved so much. However, after a plea from Sansa, Joffrey decided instead to let him live on as the King's royal fool. Dontos never forgot this and promised to pay Sansa back for saving his life. That opportunity came during the commotion at the purple wedding, allowing him to sneak her out of the city to finally be free of the Lannister's claws. Unfortunately, Sansa's new captor Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish did not trust fools and gave him a few bolts from a crossbow as payment for his help.

Jojen Reed entered as a guide for Bran Stark to help make sense of the visions from his dreams. Along with his sister Meera and simpleton Hodor, Jojen escorted Bran on his journey to find the three-eyed raven. After they successfully reached their destination, they were greeted by reanimated corpses attempting to murder them. While Bran was able to find out who was calling him, Jojen was unable to survive the final attack. The most noble part about it was that Jojen knew his fate through his gift of sight, yet traveled on anyway.

Ser Dontos vs. Jojen Reed

Every Death of Game of Thrones Season Four
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