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First Look at The Thing from Fantastic 4 Reboot

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, July 26, 2014
Ben Grimm Jamie Bell as The Thing in Fantastic 4 rebootJustified Films has tweeted out our first real look at The Thing from the upcoming Fantastic 4 reboot film.

The picture shows a sculpture which is used as a reference point for the visual effects team to do their magic.

Take note that this may not be the final product and it should be assumed that what we will see on screen will be much more polished.

Still, in a movie that is riddled with so many production problems and such little support from the fans, I think this is a good step forward. In no way does it make me feel better about the other problems that I'm anxious about, such as the casting decisions of every single character, using Mole Man as a villain, basing it off the Ultimate Fantastic 4 (which I felt was underwhelming in more ways than one) and so on and so forth. However, it seems like the look of The Thing was another potential disaster that they have avoided.

What do you think about Ben Grimm here? Is it an improvement on the Tim Story films or does it not match up to the quality you were hoping for? Will Jamie Bell do a good job with the role or is the movie screwed?

Leave a comment below and fill us in on whether or not you're sold on this reboot.

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