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Epic Rights Brings All New KISS Toy Lines to Fans in 2015

Posted by Michelle Quillen Thursday, July 31, 2014
As if licensed clothing, condoms, and coffins weren't enough to accommodate the ultimate KISS fan's rock and roll lifestyle, global branding company Epic Rights has announced a forthcoming KISS merchandise lineup to strum the heartstrings of collectors in 2015.
music collectibles merchandise new rock and roll figurines

Bif Bang Pow!, Figures Toy Company, and K'NEX Brands have all made deals with the Demon (this is the work of Mr. Simmons, of course) and Epic Rights for the production of yet even more toys in the iconic band's likeness.

Juli Boylan-Riddles, Epic Rights' EVP of Global Strategic Partnerships & Licensing, acknowledged the loyalty of the KISS Army and their inevitable need to put those painted faces in living room glass cases. "There continues to be an incredible demand for anything KISS, as evidenced by the quality and quantity of licensing partners that the band and the brand attract, and we look forward to working with Bif Bang Pow!, Figures Toy, and K'NEX to bring all new product to consumers," says Boylan-Riddles. "KISS' loyal, passionate fans are a marketing fantasy come true, introducing younger generations to the indelible music and celebrated antics of one of the most popular bands of all time, continuing to grow the KISS consumer base and fuel demand for all things KISS."

Bif Bang Pow!, the manufacturer of first-rate collectibles of other franchises such as Star Trek, Dexter, and Adventure Time, are bringing to us the first ever 3.75" scale KISS action figures, slated for Q1 of next year. Following these figures will come tin totes, nesting dolls, and drinkware. These symbols of your eternal childhood will be accessible on Entertainment Earth's website.

President of Bif Bang Pow! and KISS fan since the 70s, Jason Labowitz, is enthused with their new offerings. "While we may have been given the opportunity to buy some great KISS products over the years," he says, "the Holy Grail of toys for collectors, 3¾" action figures, were missing - until now. It's an honor to work on a fan-centric line plan for the action figures, as well as a complimentary set of new collectible merchandise."

action figure Demon lead singer 1974 album cover makeup
Speaking of the 70s, if you had the first KISS figures made in 1978-1979 by the Mego Toy Company, 18" reproductions by Figures Toy Company are also coming in Q1 of 2015. Like the original 12" models, the collectibles will each have rooted hair, fabric clothing, and 16 points of articulation. 12" tall figures will also be re-released, along with 8" versions as well, through Toys 'R' Us, Entertainment Earth, the KISS Army Warehouse, and other retailers. The MSRP for the 8" and 12" figures are $24.99 and $59.99, respectively.

K'NEX Brands is the third toy company to bring forth a new yet nostalgic line of KISS toys, this time of the buildable kind that will allow consumers to assemble their favorite Knights In Satan's Service (that's not really what it stands for). The LEGO-esque blocks resembling Demon, Starchild, Spaceman and Catman will include costumes, instruments, and a stage for display one's creations. Want to take the band on the road? K'NEX is also releasing a KISS Rock Stage Big Rig Building complete with two roadie figures and more than 300 pieces to put together the ultimate concert setup. Pyro sold separately at your local fireworks stand. These are all currently available for purchase at the K'NEX online store.

rock stage LEGO K'NEX blocks ultimate concert display

Michael Araten, President and CEO of K'NEX, joins the others in anticipation to bring the next generation of KISS fans the same creativity that older collectors may have had with K'NEX growing up. "It's an excellent representation of what loyal KISS fans and our steadfast builders expect and new consumers want—amazing value, interactivity, and building fun!"

Celebrate more than 40 years of KISS's musical career by adding—or starting—your own collection of one of the most influential bands' merchandise. Who's your favorite member of KISS? Let us know in the comments below, as well as which of these figures you'd be most likely buy. You got, you got, you got nothin' to lose.

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