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Sad Batman Needs a Hug! Should Zack Snyder Lighten Things Up?

Posted by Unknown Friday, July 25, 2014
Poor Batman. He can't get anyone to swing with, can't get any ice cream, he's sad about his ears being small…the guy can't get a break! As Zack Snyder and the rest of his gang of misfits finish work on the next DC comics film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we are being fed a stream of new images of the Caped Crusader's new bat suit. Fun. I love me some Batfleck.

In case you've been living under a rock the last few months, Ben Affleck is the new Batman. You also should know all the flack the actor has taken as a result. Although I agree it seems like a poor choice, it's certainly not Affleck's fault. Would you pass up the chance to play one of the most vaulted superheros in history? Or pass up that kind of paycheck? No, you would not. In the meantime, though, it's very enjoyable to poke fun at him.

Sex Pecs Celebrity Chest Sexy Suit Superhero This new "Sad Batman" meme is one of my favorites. I hate when people take things so damn seriously, and Zack's new world is a prime example of this trend. It's all The Dark Knight's fault. That film had to go and make a billion dollars at the box office and make everyone at DC/Warner Bros. think they have to make everything dark and gritty, even when it doesn't fit the character (here's looking at you, Superman).

Whatever. I can't stop the trend. Hollywood will do whatever it is that makes them money, no matter how ill conceived the idea is in the first place. I don't blame them too much for jumping on what's hot and what makes money. It is a business, after all. Then again, it doesn't have to be so dreary and depressing either. We can have fun with it. I'm not saying it's time to go back to campy Batman, but it can go too far the other direction.

Sex Me Up Batman Super Studly Actor Ben Affleck
Man, no ice cream?!
So that's what I'm doing. If Snyder wants to go all gritty, then fine, I'll poke fun and have as many laughs at his expense as possible. The Joker would approve. Marvel has a totally different tone with their films. The Avengers was funny without being silly. The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy looks freaking hilarious. That first trailer made me laugh out loud several times. To me, this is what audiences want more than anything, to laugh and have a good time. You don't have to sacrifice pathos and gravitas by having a laugh or two.

It reminds me of another favorite meme:

Heath Ledger Why So Serious wallpaper

So is everyone okay with Batman being so damn dark all the time or can we lighten things up yet? Who is ready to give poor Batman a hug?

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