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Ayakashi Ghost Guild Card Game Review

Posted by Jonathan Jackson Sunday, July 13, 2014
Collect demons to be the most powerful ghost agent! Ayakashi: Ghost Guild is the definitive version of card battle RPGs with over 20 million players from around the world! The game boasts gorgeous visuals and the cards are a treat to watch. The artwork is enchanting and the anime-look is perfectly executed. Ayakashi: Ghost Guild may not be one of the best games around, but it does offer a very unique plot and theme.

Let's Play Ayakashi Ghost Guild

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild (Developed by Zynga) has a unique theme with gameplay elements reminiscent of popular Japanese card battle games. Players step into the shoes of a ghost hunter who is tasked to exorcise troubled (and troublesome) spirits. After exorcising, the ghost hunter enters into a negotiation with the tamed ghost, and if lucky, captures it. Well, that’s one way you capture ghost cards and use them to battle opponents. Another way is to buy premium cards, participate in daily draws, or take part in events to get brand new cards.

In Ayakashi, there are three types of cards; Phantom, Divina, and Anima (ranging from one star to five star, which is the rarest). These types have slight power over each other. Anima has an advantage over Divina, Divina over Phantom, and Phantom over Anima. Cards also have skills that can increase or decrease attack or defense. They can also be type specific and have low to high trigger ratings.

Strategy lies in building a formidable deck utilizing attack strength, type, and skills to beat your opponent.

Ayakashi Gameplay FootageAyakashi: Ghost Guild’s story mode gives you a chance to investigate an area, hunt for spirits and find themall this can be achieved at a click of a button. Besides ghost hunting, you will stumble upon silver (the standard currency) or pieces of rare jewels that can be fused together to make daemons more powerful. You also enter into interesting conversations with ghosts once you find them.

Special events are held as limited period campaigns in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.

These provide access to event-exclusive arenas and the opportunity to gather daemons which do not appear outside of these events.

Some events that are held during a holiday have cards where daemons are dressed up for a holiday such as Halloween. You can obtain them by Rare Summon, and will be there for a limited time.

The performance of players in these events, excluding Guild Conquest, are ranked on a competitive level against other players during the middle, the end, and total ranking of the campaign.

Ranking rewards tend to include very rare and powerful cards, and higher cut-offs will also receive that daemons magatama.

Players may improve their performance at these events by successfully summoning specific daemons and magatama (given as gifts as part of the six-pack rare summon offer) which are assigned various attributes valid for use only during the event.

Event Category:

Shrine of the Seven Days Demon CardsShrine of the Seven Days

The Shrine of the Seven Days will be open from time to timegenerally in between events.

Players explore the Shrine to find Talismans and Wandering Ghosts.

Defeat wandering ghosts to acquire Talismans and befriend them by devoting the required number of Talismans.

Talismans can be saved up and used for future openings of the Shrine.

Previous event or rare summon daemons may be available, but at a higher Talisman cost.

AGG Sealstone BattleSealstone Collection

Players will randomly chance upon an event-specific seal stone during exploring. Six colored Sealstones need to be obtained to unlock the daemon, either through exploration or battling other players.

Once each color of the event-specific Sealstone is obtained, the player receives a random non-event card, ranging from three star to five star.

Ranking is based on the number of times the event-specific Sealstone set is completed.

Ayakashi Tower of Dolls GameplayTower Climbing

A tower arena is opened up to players, which consists of a high number of floors (201 floors).

Exploration, like the normal story mode, yields items, daemon cards and event tokens.

Event tokens can be exchanged for daemons, and which also constitute the final ranking and score of the players.

Two types of ghostly encounters can occur during exploration:

Wandering Ghosts randomly appear and can be defeated for event tokens with the opportunity to exchange the tokens for the daemon.

Guardian Ghosts are located at the end of selected floors and when defeated can be negotiated with at 100 percent success, and will join the player's team for no cost.

Limited Event Sealstones may appear in tower events by investigating them in the tower and battling other players.

Skills Trigger Hellion BattleConquest 

Players explore the story to encounter an event exclusive ghost.
The player’s team selection is predetermined by using the top 10 highest combined stats (atk/def), the only thing the player can change is their leader.

When the player defeats the ghost, the next appearance of the same ghost will have a higher level, and be subsequently more difficult to defeat.

Successfully defeating the ghost at various predetermined levels will yield various "first conquest rewards," such as daemons joining the player's team, health/spirit-boosting items.

When the ghost is successfully defeated for the first time at a pre-set level, the powerful ultimate daemon from the event joins the player's team.

Players will also receive conquest points for each battle to enter into the events rankings.

Every battle against the ghost automatically utilizes half of the player's available Spirit, lowering the team available until all spirit is depleted. The player may repeatedly engage in battle against the ghost to wear down its health within the time limit, and replenish Spirit levels using items. If the player allows the ghost to escape, the next ghost encountered will be at a random level.

Guild Conquest

Ayakashi Anime Art OnlinePlayers can create guilds and invite other players to join. The event mechanic is the same as Conquest. Rewards are given to all guild members and participating members also have a chance to battle and receive the event specific Supreme Daemon.

The current GCQ is based on the zodiac star signs. The daemon comes in two forms, Fallen and Pure. Fallen can be acquired by reaching level 50, and Pure by random encounter and defeat.

Anime Bishie ArtworkSoul Gem Collection

Players explore stages and engage in battles against each other to collect a series of six colored gems in order to unlock event-exclusive daemons (the same as Sealstone events).

Gems can be obtained by successfully defending against assaults from other players, by searching through an event arena, and by attacking other players to steal their gems. Event rankings are also obtainable by calculating the number of Seal Stones unlocked.

There are four things that makes this game so addictive:

  1. The strategy involved. Even a player with some low stat cards but good skills could take on a cash player. Investing the time into the events and aiming further, each one is a sure way to build up a team that could defeat a team of someone who purely pays for rare summons.
  2. The artwork. The artwork is simply stunning, and the creativity in designing new characters (or different versions of existing ones) is second to none.
  3. The story. Once you get to know the characters backstories (each one is individual, some are based on historical figures, mythical creatures and even objects and food) and their relationships with other characters, the AGG world becomes so immersive its hard to stay away.
  4. The community. The game has only just celebrated its second anniversary, but you can find a fantastic community of players in its Wiki and Facebook groups and pages. Alot of players use these to discuss events, tactics, and the games art. Players even post their own fan-fiction, fan-art, and cosplays. Everyone is extremely friendly and supportive, and anyone otherwise is generally removed. Players can be found all across the globe, and with the addition of the Guild events, this has only strengthened the camaraderie with its players within the game coordinating battles.
So, why not become a Ghost agent in Ayakashi: Ghost Guild today? (Available on: iOS and Android. Price: Free)

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